Julianna Riolino – J.R.


Julianna Riolino
Cat#: YCA-005
Released: June 14, 2024
Format: 12" EP

Previously available only through digital channels, J.R. predates both Julianna Riolino’s 2022 breakthrough full-length All Blue, which was feted by the New York Times, Pitchfork, and Uncut among many, many others, as well as Julianna’s stint in Daniel Romano’s Outfit.For the most part, J.R. omits the county, Americana, and folk influences heard on All Blue though there is a shock of recognition in the always surprising power and pure tone of Julianna Riolino’s already legendary voice. Rich in melody and early confidence, Julianna draws from classic girl-group pop and contemporary indie while establishing a characteristic song-writing template of interpreting foundational texts and iconography to portray uniquely personal experiences and emotional truths.

“It’s like it’s who you are before you grow more” she says of J.R. now.

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Track Listing
  • Better Off
  • Be My Man
  • Pal
  • Sacred Heart
  • Taming The Shrew
  • Credits
  • Songs by Julianna Riolino
  • Performed by Julianna Riolino, Ross Miller, Jason Battacharya, Dan Edmonds
  • Production and Arrangements by Dan Edmonds and Ross Miller
  • Mixed by Aaron Hutchinson
  • Mastered by Kristian Montano
  • Cover Art by Brooke Tutty
  • Back Photo by Stella Gigliotti
  • Layout by Ross Miller
  • Jon Mckiel – Hex


    Jon Mckiel
    Cat#: YC-061
    Released: May 3, 2024
    Format: LP/CD/Digital

    The songs of Jon McKiel are born of the bruised marshlands of remote New Brunswick, from the craggy shores of the Atlantic coast; places where nature is a powerful wonder and the made-world is in slow decay. His new album, Hex, is a bloodshot pop record steeped in our dystopian present, tempered, across its ten tracks, by an existential umami. His lyrics combine natural elements with bits of fantasy and lucid dreamscapes, all tangled with the transmuted horrors of our thoroughly modern present. In his music, what might otherwise be construed as paranoia or pessimism, is softened by a genuine sense of longing and tenderness.

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    Track Listing
  • Hex
  • String
  • Still Life
  • The Fix
  • Under Burden
  • Memory Screen pt. 1
  • Everlee
  • Lady's Mantle
  • Concrete Sea
  • Memory Screen pt. 2
  • All songs © Jon Mckiel 2024 except Concrete Sea by Terry Jacks
  • Recorded and Produced by Jon Mckiel and Jay Crocker
  • Mastered by Harris Newman
  • Performed by Jon Mckiel and Jay Crocker
  • with Nicola Miller on saxophone on HEX
  • Artwork and design by Paul Henderson - The Centaur, paper collage, 16 x 20 cm, 2023
  • Daniel Romano’s Outfit – Too Hot To Sleep


    Daniel Romano's Outfit
    Too Hot To Sleep
    Cat#: YC-062
    Released: March 1, 2024
    Format: LP/CD/Digital

    Too Hot To Sleep is simultaneously a transcendent document of the spirit, and a swaggering, street level blast of power-pop and Stone’s derived rock ‘n’ roll; a surprisingly direct shout down of the corrupt politicians and techno fascists that police our bodies, pollute our world, assault our connections; a reason and occasion to dance, to sweat together at one of The Outfit’s legendary live shows wherein everything comes faster than the next, no breaks, no outside, there is only now, there is only all of us here together, alive. A public offering of each to each.

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    Track Listing
  • You can steal my kiss
  • Where's paradise?
  • State of nature
  • All of thee above
  • That's too rich
  • Chatter
  • Field of ruins
  • You saw me in sunshine
  • Too hot to sleep
  • Generation end
  • Recorded by Daniel Romano and Ian Romano and Engineered by Kenneth Roy Meehan at Camera Varda.
  • Mixed by Daniel Romano with Ian Romano.
  • Mastered by Kristian Montano.
  • Artwork and layout by Daniel Romano.
  • Additional recording by Daniel Romano, Ian Romano, Carson McHone and Shannon McGrath.
  • Performed by: Daniel Romano, Ian Romano, Carson McHone, Julianna Riolino and Roddy Rossetti
  • Music composed by Daniel Romano and Ian Romano.
  • Lyrics written by Daniel Romano
  • Spider Bite – The Rainbow And The Dove


    Spider Bite
    The Rainbow And The Dove
    Cat#: YC-060
    Released: June 16, 2023
    Format: LP/Digital

    Warmongers run the newspapers, the daily podcasts, the social media feeds. Capital creates and harvests our despair. Cultural heroes are as money-mad as bankers, standing on corpses, wearing diamonds. The songs of this age are hopeless. In this world of lies, Spider Bite celebrate truth: raw, ragged, and full of brave energy, bravely dreaming of possible futures in the immediate and active now, in this exact and ever active present: after the flood, in the ruins of love.

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    Track Listing
    SIDE ONE (2020)
  • UBI
  • SIDE TWO (2023)
  • Spider Bite:
  • Ian Romano
  • Daniel Romano
  • Steven Lambke
  • Side one mix by Kenneth Roy Meehan
  • Side two mix by Ian Romano
  • Mastering by Daniel Husayn at North London Bomb Factory
  • Artwork and Layout by Daniel Romano
  • Daniel Romano – “Dandelion”


    Daniel Romano
    Cat#: YCA-004
    Released: February 17, 2023
    Format: LP/Digital

    “Dandelion” blooms a previously undiscovered and unknown sweet spot between 60’s psychedelia and 70’s power-pop, equally pastoral and street-wise, every note tuned to moving and astounding melody. “Dandelion” offers lush arrangements of unforgettable, legend-making songs, performed entirely by Daniel himself.

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    Track Listing
    1. If You Don't Or If You Do
    2. Novus
    3. Maybe Today Will Be Curious
    4. Cornelius
    5. Plum Forever
    6. Silent Spring
    7. She's In A Folded Wing (But Flying)
    8. The Farther Side Of Love
    9. Ain't That Enough For You
    10. The Patience Of A Kiss
    • Recorded, produced, and mixed by Daniel Romano
    • Mastered by Kristian Montano

    Daniel Romano’s Outfit featuring Danny Carey – “Forever Love’s Fool”


    Daniel Romano's Outfit
    "Forever Love's Fool"
    Cat#: YCA-003
    Released: February 17, 2023
    Format: LP/Digital

    At the heights of ambition, Daniel Romano’s Outfit deliver a wandering spell of melodic backbone, accompanied by percussionist extraordinaire Danny Carey (of TOOL fame). Rising in union with the first pounding hearts of dawn, up and down the arcades of devotion and on through the sunset, where the earth-life fades, Forever Love’s Fool is a single hard-edged, complex, multi-part epic (an approach the band would later develop even further on their 2022 masterpiece La Luna). It is intricate, precise, energetic music tied to a progressive rock inspired universal vision. Onward into the furthest reaches of love eternal.

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    Track Listing
    1. Forever Love's Fool
    2. Side One (11:17)
    3. Side Two (11:22)
    • Daniel Romano - Vocals, Guitars, Melotron, Organ
    • Dany Carey - Drums, Percussion
    • Ian Romano - Drums
    • Roddy Rossetti - Bass
    • David Nardi - Guitars, Saxophone, Synth
    • Julianna Riolino - Vocals
    • Written, composed, recorded, produced, and mixed by Daniel Romano
    • Mastered by Kristian Montano

    Status / Non-Status – Surely Travel


    Status / Non-Status
    Surely Travel
    Cat#: YC-054
    Released: September 23, 2022
    Format: LP/Digital

    Exploring their expansive, sky-sweeping folk rock from a fresh angle, Status/Non-Status drive head-on into a natural complement to the earth-shaking sonic landscapes they’re known for. A loose concept album written as a travel log of animals in flight, the record brims with open air reflections, while gazing out of a blurry window and acknowledging what it can’t see clearly. Blending the melted psychedelic gauze of distorted Americana, with thundering flashes of post rock, Sturgeon implements softness generously. At the core, remembering that lyrics that break through universally sing with clarity about experiences that “chop at the knees.”

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    Track Listing
  • Blown Tire
  • Has It Been So Long
  • Mashkiki Sunset
  • Mainly Crows
  • Bineshiinh
  • Travelogue
  • When They Were
  • What Am I To Do
  • North Adelaide
  • Surely Travel
  • Credits
  • Recorded and Mixed by Matthew Wiewel, Deadpan Studios
  • Mastered by Harris Newman, Grey Mastering
  • Layout/Design by Blake Stevenson
  • Collage by Adam Sturgeon
  • Daniel Romano’s Outfit – La Luna


    Daniel Romano's Outfit
    La Luna
    Cat#: YC-055
    Released: September 9, 2022
    Format: LP/Digital

    Consisting of a single massive song in 12 individual parts, plus pulse quickening overture and truly grand finale, La Luna is an unprecedented artistic achievement by one of contemporary music’s most ambitious and consistently surprising practitioners. Daniel Romano sets his visionary poetry to exuberant tune – it is epic, immaculately and extravagantly arranged, and truly cinematic.

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    Track Listing
  • La Luna - Part 1
  • La Luna - Part 2
  • Credits
  • Music, Arrangements, and Lyrics by Daniel Romano
  • Performed by Daniel Romano, Roddy Holiday, Julianna Riolino, David Nardi, Ian Romano, Carson McHone, Kenneth Roy Meehan, Mark Lalama, Raha Javanfar, Aaron Hutchinson, Kristian Montano
  • Julianna Riolino – All Blue


    Julianna Riolino
    All Blue
    Cat#: YC-059
    Released: October 14, 2022
    Format: LP/Digital

    Julianna Riolino knows how to capture and highlight beauty before it fades. She spent her days running up to the release of her solo debut helping restore the stained glass windows at St. Michael’s Cathedral in Toronto. Surrounded by symbols configured in bits of 19th century French glass, Riolino couldn’t help but reflect on her own past and the memories of pains, healing, and love strewn through it. “It made me think about life as a balancing act, and we’re all just trying to do our best to navigate it,” she says. That focus on morality and the stretch of time seeped naturally into Riolino’s Americana-indebted songwriting, resulting in the golden, fluid All Blue. “If I was a painter, this would be my blue period,” she says. “I’m looking at my life, all my decisions lined up, and either atoning for them or laughing them off.”

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    Track Listing
  • If I Knew Now
  • Isn't It A Pity
  • Lone Ranger
  • Archangel
  • Queen Of Spades
  • Hark!
  • Memory Of Blue
  • Why Do I Miss You
  • Long Feeling
  • You
  • Thistle And Thorned
  • Credits
  • All songs by Julianna Riolino
  • Julianna Riolino - vocals, guitar
  • Aaron Goldstein - producer, pedal steel, guitars, percussion
  • David Nardi - guitar
  • Roddy Carlyle - bass, twelve string guitar
  • Ryan Gavel - bass
  • Ian Romano - drums
  • Thomas Hammerton - keys
  • Anthony Ronaldi - baritone sax
  • Jason Bhattacharya - drums, percussion
  • Daniel Romano – guitar
  • Kenneth Roy Meehan - engineer, mixing
  • Kristian Montano – mastering
  • Daniel Romano – artwork and design
  • The Burning Hell – Garbage Island


    The Burning Hell
    Garbage Island
    Cat#: YC-056
    Released: June 24, 2022
    Format: LP/CD/Digital

    Garbage Island is an album about what we lose when things fall apart, and what we can gain from collaborative regeneration. It takes place in a crumbling near-future world that bears a distinct resemblance to our own, beginning with the violence of collapse, loosely narrating the escape of the album’s unnamed protagonists on a pedal-boat swan, as they trade doom for danger on their way to a future home built from the detritus of the old world. Along the way, the band narrates both the need for action and the joys of refusing to hustle, nostalgically pines for the days of post-apocalyptic touring life, celebrates escape and solitude, and ends with the hesitant suggestion that the end of the world can’t last forever. Garbage Island showcases songwriter Mathias Kom’s irreverent, surrealist lyricism, but while there is humour, there are few jokes. It’s either the darkest record The Burning Hell has made, the most reassuring, or the most fun. It might be all three.

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    Track Listing
  • No Peace
  • Nigel the Gannet
  • Birdwatching
  • Dirty Microphones
  • The Last Normal Day
  • Empty World
  • Minor Characters
  • All I Need
  • Swan Boat
  • Bird Queen of Garbage Island
  • Speechlessness
  • The End of the End of the World
  • Recorded in St. John’s, Newfoundland at Studio J, in Baden, Ontario at the Weber Farm Cabin and the Scamper, and in Fairfield, PEI at the Fairfield Social Club.
  • Produced by Jake Nicoll with Ariel Sharratt & Mathias Kom.
  • Mixed by Jake Nicoll in The Scamper.
  • Mastered by Norman Nitzsche at Calyx in Berlin.
  • Artwork and layout by Emmie Tsumura.
  • Daniel Romano’s Outfit – “Content To Point The Way”


    Daniel Romano's Outfit
    "Content To Point The Way"
    Cat#: YCA-002
    Released: May 20, 2022
    Format: LP/Digital

    “Content To Point The Way” offers fans the long-awaited return of the traditional timeless country that Daniel Romano became known for on albums such as Sleep Beneath The Willow, Come Cry With Me, and If I’ve Only One Time Asking, but here elevated by his current group The Outfit, world’s finest purveyors of musical skill and vibe. Stunning wordplay, timeless songwriting, and musical brilliance combine on one of Daniel Romano’s most popular releases.

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    Track Listing
    1. If Words Can't Express
    2. Bits And Pieces
    3. They Haven't Got A Word For That Yet
    4. You'd Think I'd Think
    5. You've Always Been With Her
    6. A Pig Is A Pig Jig
    7. Diamonds And Dogs
    8. Little Shirley Melrose
    9. I'm So Lost Without You
    10. Make Believe Love
    • Recorded by Daniel Romano
    • Mixed by Kenneth Roy Meehan
    • Mastered by Kristian Montano
    • Roddy Rossetti - bass
    • Julianna Riolino - vocals
    • Ian Romano - drums
    • Daniel Romano - vocals, guitars
    • David Nardi - vocals, guitars
    • with:
    • Mark Lalama - piano
    • Aaron Goldstein - steel guitar

    Daniel Romano – “Visions Of The Higher Dream”


    Daniel Romano
    "Visions Of The Higher Dream"
    Cat#: YCA-001
    Released: May 20, 2022
    Format: LP/Digital

    “Visions Of The Higher Dream” is an expression of rich, visionary psychaedelia, powerfully arranged and immaculately performed, and thoroughly beautiful in its scope and in its details. It is as complete a statement, and as fully executed a vision as the famously restless Daniel Romano has offered: a timeless and timely evocation of the higher dream.

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    Track Listing
    1. Where May I Take My Rest
    2. I Cannot Be More Lonely
    3. Girl In A Bath Full Of Tears
    4. Lilac About Thy Crown
    5. Nobody Sees A Lowered Face
    6. Boy In A Crow-skin Cape
    7. At Times The Fools Sing Freely
    8. Nothing Is Still (In A Shaken Heart)
    9. Visions Of The Higher Dream
    10. Paper Rose
    • Recorded, performed, mixed by Daniel Romano
    • Mastered by Kristian Montano
    • Raha Javanfar - Violin
    • Joseph Shabason - Saxophone, flute
    • Aaron Goldstein - Steel Guitar

    Steven Lambke – Volcano Volcano


    Steven Lambke
    Volcano Volcano
    Cat#: YC-053
    Released: April 29, 2022
    Format: LP/Digital

    Volcano Volcano makes songs and poems and worlds out of the rudimentary, ordinary, everyday things at hand. There are parts of Volcano Volcano that are an excavation into the evils that engulf us, into the mess we’ve made of life and the world, but with the purpose of dreaming together a new world “re-ordered from below”. There is a cast of characters in these songs that provide the sustenance for this: high tides, worlds filled to the brim, full moons and shooting stars, sunsets, daybreaks and twilight, reconstituted truths and love anyway, sidewalk-crack flowers, sparks and moons in the ocean, a living, a singing anyway. A sort of way of living that mines the everyday for surprise, tiny burst of joy and a dedicated practice of hope.

    Volcano Volcano lets us all be “fear-filled dreamers, joyful, tall, and brave”, and within those dreams, we learn new possibilities.

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    Track Listing
    1. Volcano Volcano
    2. The World Filled To The Brim
    3. April, May, and June
    4. Brave Thoughts
    5. Bats In Blue Twilight
    6. Every Lover Knows
    7. Truth Marks
    8. Sea Level
    9. Turn The Planet Over
    10. Sorrow And Doubt
    11. Dream With Me
    • Performed by:
    • Steven Lambke – vocals, guitars, percussion, melodion, recorder
    • Daniel Romano – drums, organ, vocals
    • David Nardi – bass
    • with:
    • Carson McHone – vocals
    • William Kidman – guitar solo on “Sorrow And Doubt”
    • Recorded by Daniel Romano at Camera Varda and at home in Toronto by Steven Lambke
    • Mixed by Steven Lambke
    • Mastered by Harris Newman at Grey Market Mastering
    • Written by Steven Lambke
    • Artwork by Shary Boyle
    • Layout and Design by Paul Henderson

    Apollo Ghosts – Pink Tiger


    Pink Tiger
    Apollo Ghosts
    Cat#: YC-057
    Released: March 11, 2022
    Format: 2LP/Digital

    Pink Tiger is a 2-part, 22-song epic by Vancouver’s DIY superheroes Apollo Ghosts! Part 1, “Pink” (LP 1, tracks 1-11), is an intimate home recorded acoustic based cycle that grapples with loss, illness, death, and memory. Part 2, “Tiger” (LP 2, tracks 12-22) is an exuberant indie-garage rock celebration of the persistence of friendship, music, and hope. Apollo Ghosts draw on a long history of independent and locally focused music making, from Flying Nun to K Records to their own Vancouver scene, to reinvigorate indie guitar rock songwriter with ambition and poise.

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    Track Listing
    LP1 “PINK”
    1. Pink Tiger
    2. Melatonin 5G
    3. Cloud Hotel
    4. But I'll Be Around (Acoustic Version)
    5. Rookery
    6. To Set The King Bloom
    7. Morning Voice
    8. Deodora
    9. Anxious Love, Pt. 2
    10. Dirty Spoons
    11. Surfer's Ear
    LP2 "TIGER"
    1. Spilling Yr Guts
    2. Heroic Dose
    3. OK Soda
    4. But I'll Be Around (Electric Version)
    5. Soft American
    6. Pink Boys
    7. Peace Motive
    8. Acid Jenny
    9. Gentlemen Go To Heaven
    10. Golden Teacher
    11. Island Kids
    • Amanda P.-drums, vocals
    • Robbie N.-bass, vocals
    • Adrian Teacher-guitar, vocals, piano, midi, synths, drums
    • All songs Apollo Ghosts (SOCAN) (c) 2021
    • Cover art by Aaron Read.
    • Gatefold art by Gil Goletski.
    • Layout and Design by Paul Henderson.
    • Back cover typeface by Lesley Johnson.

    Julie Doiron – I Thought Of You


    Julie Doiron
    I Thought Of You
    Cat#: YC-052
    Released: November 26, 2021
    Format: LP/CD/Digital

    Julie Doiron is back! Every bit an instant classic as only she can masterfully create, Julie Doiron emanates a radiative force with her guitar and her unmistakably indomitable voice. We live for these moments, when our dearest friends find their way back to the places they love, and we once again hear their voices rise back into our lives. Featuring stunning musical contributions from Daniel Romano, Ian Romano, and Dany Placard.

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    Track Listing
    1. You Gave Me The Key
    2. Thought Of You
    3. Dreamed I Was
    4. Just When I Thought
    5. Et Mon Amour
    6. Good Reason
    7. Cancel The Party
    8. How Can We?
    9. Darkness To Light
    10. Ran
    11. The Letters We Sent
    12. They Wanted Me To Say
    13. Back To The Water
      All songs written by Julie Doiron
    • Peformed by: Julie Doiron, vocals, guitar; Dany Placard, bass; Daniel Romano, guitars, keys, percussion; Ian Romano, drums; Michael Feuerstack, pedal steel on Darkness to Light
    • This album was recorded in February 2020 at Studio B-12 in Valcourt, Québec and at Studio La Shed in Montréal, Québec.
    • Engineered by Dany Placard with the exception of the vocals for The Letters we Sent which were sung at Studio La Grosse Rose in Memramcook, NB, engineered by Mico Roy.
    • Mixed by Kenneth Roy Meehan.
    • Mastered by Harris Newman, Grey Market Mastering.
    • Photo by Jules Boislard-Gauthier.
    • Design by Daniel Romano.

    Daniel Romano – Cobra Poems


    Daniel Romano
    Cobra Poems
    Cat#: YC-051
    Released: September 10, 2021
    Format: LP/CD/Digital

    If all the words of joy should shed their syllabic countenance, would they not still resonate at this same frequency? If distillate love made aural and amplified struck every unbidden ear, would it not blossom with this same audible bouquet? Here then is the document – the evidence, the proof, the truth, the real thing, the one thing, the only thing. Daniel Romano’s Outfit, now and always. Call it communion. Call it a rhapsody. Call it Cobra Poems. Go on. Dig it.

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    Track Listing
    1. Tragic Head
    2. Even In The Loom Of A Caress
    3. Nocturne Child
    4. The Motions
    5. Holy Trumpeteer
    6. Animals Above Our Town
    7. Tears Through A Sunrise
    8. Baby If We Stick It Out
    9. Still Dreaming
    10. Camera Varda
    • The Outfit:
    • Daniel Romano
    • Ian Romano
    • Julianna Riolino
    • Roddy Rozetti
    • David Nardi
    • with Mark Lalama, Carson McHone, Aaron Hutchinson, David Romano
    • Recorded and Mixed at Camera Varda by Kenneth Roy Meehan
    • Mastered by Kristian Montano
    • Photograph by Carson McHone

    Daniel Romano – Fully Plugged In


    Daniel Romano
    Fully Plugged In
    Cat#: YC-050
    Released: September 10, 2021
    Format: LP/Digital

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    Track Listing
    1. Rhythmic Blood
    2. God’s Children
    3. Impossible Green
    4. Anyone’s Arms
    5. First Yoke
    6. All The Reaching Trims
    7. She Was The World To Me
    8. The One That Got Away
    9. Gone Is (All But A Quarry Of Stone)
    10. A Rat Without A Tale
    11. I’m Alone Now
    12. The Pride Of Queens
    • The Outfit:
    • Daniel Romano
    • Ian Romano
    • Julianna Riolino
    • Roddy Rozetti
    • David Nardi
    • Recorded Live at The Earl
    • Mixed by Kenneth Roy Meehan
    • Mastered by Tony Cicero
    • Photograph by Carson McHone

    Status / Non-Status – 1, 2, 3, 4, 500 Years


    Status / Non-Status
    1, 2, 3, 4, 500 Years
    Cat#: YC-047
    Released: May 28, 2021
    Format: 12" EP

    Status/Non-Status is the new name for the ongoing musical work of Anishinaabe community worker Adam Sturgeon (Nme’) and his longtime collaborators (formerly known as Whoop-Szo). The band spent a decade carving a path through Canada’s DIY scene before achieving their widest recognition with 2019’s acclaimed long player Warrior Down (You’ve Changed Records). This album confronted Sturgeon’s complex family history and identity and was long-listed Polaris Prize among numerous other accolades. Here, the band emerges renewed, with more stories to share. 1, 2, 3, 4, 500 Years was recorded in Mexico and is highlights the band’s unique mix of heavy psychedelia, anthemic indie rock, political story telling, and inter-cultural exchange.

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    SKU: YC-047EP Category:
    Track Listing
    1. Find A Home
    2. Genicidio
    3. Untitled Travelogue
    4. Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy
    5. 500 Years
    • Recorded by Jesus Canibales in Guadalajara, Jalisco province, Mexico, at Rockweiler Studio
    • Production and editing by Kyl Ashbourne and Adam Sturgeon
    • Mixed and Mastered by Jesse Gander at Rain City Recorders in Vancouver, Canada

    Fiver with The Atlantic School of Spontaneous Composition


    Fiver with The Atlantic School of Spontaneous Composition
    Cat#: YC-049
    Released: May 7, 2021
    Format: LP/CD/Digital

    Simone Schmidt is a versatile and thorough craftsman — a distinct vocalist, guitarist, and wordsmith; a rigorous researcher, producer, and designer; a friend to many and enemy to some. Over the past 13 years and 7 full length records, Schmidt has largely rejected the logic of the music industry, employing many aliases in the course of creating a robust discography that engages various strains of North American folk and Country music, from Old Time to Psychedelic Country. In a totally unpredictable follow up to the historical fiction of Fiver’s Audible Songs From Rockwood (2017), Fiver with The Atlantic School of Spontaneous Composition wrangles the impulses of a new generation of improvisational musicians toward an unexpected reimagining of Country music and its possibilities.

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    Track Listing
    1. Yeah But Uhh Hey
    2. Leaning Hard (On My Peripheral Vision)
    3. June Like A Bug
    4. Jr. Wreck
    5. Sick Gladiola
    6. Death Is Only A Dream
    7. Paid In Pride
    8. For Your Sake (featuring Special Costello)
    • All lyrics by Simone Schmidt
    • All songs performed and arranged by FIVER & THE ATLANTIC SCHOOL OF SPONTANEOUS COMPOSITION
    • Jeremy Costello – Bass, Synthesizers, Voice & Bird Whistle
    • Nick Dourado – Lap Steel, Piano, Vibes
    • Bianca Palmer – Drums, Percussion
    • Simone Schmidt – Guitar, Voice
    • Produced by Simone Schmidt
    • Engineered by Gavin Gardiner at Hotel2Tango
    • Mixed by Gavin Gardiner at All Day Coconut
    • Mastered by Phil Demetro at the Lacquer Channel
    • Cover art by Simone Schmidt & Jeff Bierk
    • Photographs by Jeff Bierk

    Leanne Betasamosake Simpson – Theory Of Ice


    Leanne Betasamosake Simpson
    Theory Of Ice
    Cat#: YC-048
    Released: March 12, 2021
    Format: LP/CD/Digital

    Leanne Betasamosake Simpson is a Michi Saagiig Nishnaabeg scholar, writer, artist, and musician who has been widely recognized as one of the most compelling Indigenous voices of her generation. The result of an ongoing practice in the poetics of language reclamation and the aesthetics of relationship, Theory of Ice breaks open the intersections between politics, story, and song—revealing a rich and layered world of sound, light, and sovereign creativity.

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    Track Listing
    1. Break Up
    2. OK Indicts
    3. Viscosity
    4. Surface Tension
    5. I Pity The Country
    6. Failure Of Melting
    7. The Wake
    8. Head Of The Lake
    • leanne betasamosake simpson - singing and speaking
    • ansley simpson - acoustic guitar, singing, electric guitar
    • nick ferrio - acoustic, electric, & 12 string guitars, bass, synth, keyboards, singing
    • tanner pare - drums, percussion
    • jim bryson - acoustic guitar, electric guitar, vocals, synth
    • john k. samson - vocals
    • jonas bonnetta - keyboards, synths, percussion, bass, singing
    • music written by nick ferrio, jonas bonnetta, ansley simpson and jim bryson
    • i pity the country written by willie dunn
    • engineered by heather kirby & jonas bonnetta
    • additional engineering by jim bryson, nick ferrio, & john k. samson
    • mixed by gavin gardiner
    • mastered by heather kirby
    • produced by jonas bonnetta
    • additional production by jim bryson
    • recorded at port william sound in mountain grove, ontario, with additional recording at fixed hinge in stittsville, ontario
    • album art by nadia myre

    Partner – Never Give Up


    Never Give Up
    Cat#: YC-046
    Released: November 20, 2020
    Format: LP/CD/Digital

    With Never Give Up Partner has fully developed their “post classic rock” sound, leaving behind 90s rock comparisons, while furthering their celebration of Rock! Crowned with guitar solos and humorous subject matter, Partner remain committed to a radical sincerity: “We talked. We were honest with each other and honest with ourselves. Sometimes it was a lot. And when it got to be almost too much we would repeat to each other, first as a joke and then not as a joke at all, “never give up”.”.

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    SKU: N/A Category:
    Track Listing
    1. Hello And Welcome
    2. Rock Is My Rock
    3. The Pit
    4. Honey
    5. Big Gay Hands
    6. Good Place To Hide (At The Time)
    7. Roller Coasters (Life Is One)
    8. Couldn't Forget
    9. Here I Am World
    10. Crocodiles
    • Guitar & Vocals by Josée Caron
    • Bass, Vocals & Keyboard by Lucy Niles
    • Drums & Percussion by Simone TB
    • Written & Produced by Partner
    • Engineered by Steve Chahley
    • Recorded at Palace Sound
    • Additional Engineering & Overdubs by Katie Wayne
    • Mixed by Chris Shaw
    • Mastered by Joao Carvlho
    • Original Artwork by Paule Guilmain-Langlier
    • Layout by Josée Caron & Paul Henderson

    Daniel Romano – How Ill Thy World Is Ordered


    Daniel Romano
    How Ill Thy World Is Ordered
    Cat#: YC-045
    Released: September 18, 2020
    Format: LP/CD/Digital

    Let’s list the facts and see which ones hold: How Ill Thy World Is Ordered is the 9th full-length Daniel Romano album to be released in 2020, but the first to manifest in the physical mediums (LP/CD) since the career spanning, era-defining live album “Okay Wow” was released way back on March 27th. This one too, features the mighty skills of The Outfit, the tightest of tight-knit rock and roll bands: Julianna Riolino (vocals), David Nardi (guitar, vocals), Roddy Rossetti (bass), Ian Romano (drums), supplemented here by Mark Lalama (organ, piano), Briana Salmena (vocals), Victor Belcastro (sax) and Aaron Hutchinson (trumpet). The band assembled in studio in a perfectly tuned geometry to record these new songs following simple guidelines and simple rules: play the whole thing, in sequence, 3 takes or bust, with no overdubs; play “the sound of the feel of a snake bite”; play “a heist on horseback for fool’s gold”.

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    SKU: N/A Category:
    Track Listing
    1. A Rat Without A Tale
    2. How Ill Thy World Is Ordered
    3. How Ill Thy World Is Ordered
    4. Green Eye-Shade
    5. First Yoke
    6. Joys Too Often Hollowed
    7. Joys Too Often Hollowed Pt 2
    8. Drugged Vinegar
    9. Never Yet In Love
    10. A Secret Still To Be Betrayed
    11. No More Disheartened By The Dawn
    12. Amaretto And Coke
    • Daniel Romano - vocals, guitar
    • Julianna Riolino – vocals
    • David Nardi – guitar, vocals
    • Roddy Rossetti – bass
    • Ian Romano – drums
    • Mark Lalama – organ, piano
    • Briana Salmena – vocals
    • Victor Belcastro – sax
    • Aaron Hutchinson – trumpet
    • Kenneth Roy Meehan – mix
    • Dan Weston - master

    Jon Mckiel – Bobby Joe Hope


    Jon Mckiel
    Bobby Joe Hope
    Cat#: YC-043
    Released: April 24, 2020
    Format: LP/Digital

    Tell me what you see. A game of hide and seek. A field wears the fog like an ancient argument. Wayward voices take shape just up ahead. Count down from 10 and be alone again. Abandoned to potential. In the green wide open. The rest belongs a mystery.

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    SKU: N/A Category:
    Track Listing
    1. Mourning Dove
    2. Object Permanence
    3. Management
    4. Cold Hand Becomes The Master
    5. Night Garden
    6. Private Eye
    7. Deeper Shade
    8. What Kind Of Love
    9. Secret Of Mana
    • Recorded by Jay Crocker and Jon Mckiel in Crousetown, NS and Sackville, NB
    • Mixed by Jay Crocker
    • Mastered by Harris Newman
    • All songs written by Jon Mckiel
    • Album art: "Knock Knock", paper collage, 8.5x12" 2019, Paul Henderson
    • Design by Paul Henderson

    Daniel Romano – “Okay Wow”


    Daniel Romano
    "Okay Wow"
    Cat#: YC-044
    Released: March 27, 2020
    Format: LP/Digital

    In a shocking turn of events, Daniel Romano has decided to give you exactly what you asked for–– He and his unparalleled live band, The Outfit, have decided that you deserved it, that it is in fact already yours––and they want to say “you’re welcome.”

    The record is called “OKAY WOW”. Which is probably what you’ll say when you listen to it. It’s all your favourite songs except superior in every way to the versions you’ve exhausted.

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    SKU: N/A Category:
    Track Listing
    1. Empty Husk
    2. Toulouse
    3. Hard On You
    4. Time Forgot (To Change My Heart)
    5. Roya
    6. The Long Mirror Of Time
    7. Hunger Is A Dream You Die In
    8. Strange Faces
    9. Turtle Doves
    10. Sucking The Old World Dry
    11. Nerveless
    12. Human Touch
    13. Modern Pressure
    14. What's To Become (Of The Meaning Of Life)
    15. When I Learned Your Name
    • Album recorded live in Scandinavia and mixed by Kenneth Roy Meehan
    • Mastered by Ryan Morey

    Transistors Sister Super Package!

    Shotgun Jimmie
    Transistors Sister Super Package
    Cat#: YC-TSSP
    Released: Dec 4, 2019
    Format: LP

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    SKU: N/A Category:
    Transistor Sister
    1. Late Last Year
    2. Suzy
    3. King Of Kreuzberg
    4. Paper Planes
    5. Confidence Lodge Stairwell Recording #1
    6. Transistor Sister
    7. Too Many Flowers
    8. Stereo And The Stove
    9. Swamp Magic
    10. Piano
    11. Peace And Love
    12. Masterpiece
    13. Haze
    14. Refrain
    15. Bar's Open
    16. Bar's Closed
    Transistor Sister 2
    1. Blues Riffs
    2. Tumbleweed
    3. Hot Pots
    4. Ablutions
    5. Fountain
    6. Suddenly Submarine
    7. Piano (with band)
    8. The New Sincerity
    9. Sappy Slogans
    10. Highway 401
    11. Jack Pine
    12. Sorry We’re Closed

    WHOOP-Szo – Warrior Down


    Warrior Down
    Cat#: YC-041
    Released: November 1, 2019
    Format: LP/CD/Digital

    WHOOP-Szo is a blazing force of DIY rock. Fronted by Anishinaabe-Canadian community leader Adam Sturgeon, the band has spent nearly a decade carving out a reputation for themselves, rising on the strength of their musicianship, songwriting, and tireless touring. Thunderous and ground-breaking, harmonious and generative, on Warrior Down, WHOOP-Szo create an emotional weather-storm that dances conscientiously between anger and discipline, frustration, and hope for a concise, focused 35 minute examination of injustice, history, cultural reclamation, and Indigenous solidarity. Heavy and meditative, employing caustic humour, thick sludgy guitars, powerful drumming, and vocals that range from sweet to unhinged, WHOOP-Szo address the poisonous legacies of colonialism and effect positive change in the wider Canadian music and arts community.

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    Track Listing
    1. Amaruq
    2. Gerry
    3. Long Braided Hair
    4. 2CB
    5. Naanan
    6. 6.1//6.2
    7. Oda Man
    8. Nshwaaswi
    9. Homemade Candles
    10. Cut Your Hair
    • WHOOP-Szo: Adam Sturgeon, Kirstin Kurvink Palm, Joe Thorner, Eric Lourenco, Andrew Lennox
    • Recorded and mixed by Kyle Ashbourne at the Sugar Shack in Deshkan Zibing (London, ON)
    • Drums on 1-5 recorded by Nathan Lamb and Adam Sturgeon at the Out of Sound House
    • 6.1//6.2 recorded by Dave Trenaman and Colleen Collins at The Quarantine in Port Greville, NS
    • "The Noisy Mountain" by Zachary Gray
    • Mastered by Stu McKillop at Rain City Recorders
    • Typeface and drawings by Bennie Allain
    • Design and layout by Alayna Hryclik

    Ancient Shapes – A Flower That Wouldn’t Bloom


    Ancient Shapes
    A Flower That Wouldn't Bloom
    Cat#: YC-042
    Released: October 25, 2019
    Format: LP/Digital

    “A Flower That Wouldn’t Bloom” is the third offering from the flower pop super group “Ancient Shapes”. They have been called “ the best band since computers” and also “incredibly good as hell” when it comes to their live engagements and sock hop shake down events. Inside this heated material you will find such subjects as sadness, happiness, loneliness, togetherness, longing, acceptance, colonial guilt complexes and home town optimism.

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    SKU: YC-042LP Categories: ,
    Track Listing
    1. Separation Anxiety
    2. Piss Coloured Glasses
    3. A Flower That Wouldn't Bloom
    4. Glass Curtain
    5. Audrey
    6. Welland 2020
    7. To Be Touched
    8. Chinese Leather
    9. Albatross Blues
    10. Dirty Little Hands
    11. All The Kids
    12. Reconciliation Nation Now
    13. Loose Ends
    • All music, lyrics, recording, performance by Daniel Romano
    • Mastered by Dan Weston

    Shotgun Jimmie – Transistor Sister 2


    Shotgun Jimmie
    Transistor Sister 2
    Cat#: YC-039
    Released: August 2, 2019
    Format: LP/CD/Digital

    Are you ready for the new sincerity?! Shotgun Jimmie’s new album Transistor Sister 2 is full of genuine pop gems that champion truth and love. Jimmie focuses largely on family and friends with a heavy dose of nostalgia and hyperbolic takes on the everyday, reconstructing familiar scenarios, from traffic on the 401 (the beloved and scorned mega-highway through Toronto known to all touring musicians as the place where punctual arrival at soundcheck goes to die) to cooking dinner. Here’s the manifesto: renounces cynicism, promote the positive.

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    Track Listing
    1. Blues Riffs
    2. Tumbleweed
    3. Hot Pots
    4. Ablutions
    5. Fountain
    6. Suddenly Submarine
    7. Piano (with band)
    8. The New Sincerity
    9. Cool All The Time
    10. Sappy Slogans
    11. Highway 401
    12. Jack Pine
    13. Sorry We’re Closed
    • Shotgun Jimmie: Vocals, Guitar and Harmonica
    • Jason Baird: Bass Guitar, Saxophone and Flute
    • Ryan Peters: Drums, Vocals, Piano, and Auxiliary Percussion
    • José Miguel Contreras: Ace Tone Organ and Vocals
    • Steven lambke: Wurlitzer Piano
    • Cole Woods: Moog Prodigy Synthesizer
    • Aaron Goldstein: Pedal Steel Guitar
    • Chad VanGaalen: Vocals and Tambouring (Cool All The Time)
    • Recorded and Mixed by José Miguel Contreras at the Chat Chateau
    • Mastered by Harris Newman at Grey Market Mastering
    • Artwork & Design by Paul Henderson
    • Produced by José Miguel Contreras

    Steven Lambke – Dark Blue


    Steven Lambke
    Dark Blue
    Cat#: YC-037
    Released: March 29, 2019
    Format: LP/Digital/Chapbook

    Dark Blue is a celebration of ritual, a series of creation myths, a document of disruption, an attack on colonialism, a lament for environmental ruin, and evidence of endurance and transcendence. It is a product of this time, an album that marks the 10th anniversary of artist-run label You’ve Changed Records with a special collaboration between co-founders Steven Lambke and Daniel Romano. Energy is immediate and harnessed in a collaborative process between poet and muse, inspiration and scribe, guitar and voice and drum.

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    SKU: YC-037LP Category:
    Track Listing
    1. Fireworks
    2. At The Start Of The Song
    3. Both Of Me
    4. I Will Not Lie To You
    5. Major Rager
    6. Cut Flowers
    7. My Love Is Impure But Enduring
    8. White Horses
    9. Troubled By The Night
    10. Back To Back
    11. Dark Blue
    12. All My Days Are Light And Gold
    • Performed by:
    • Steven Lambke - vocals, guitars, percussion, organ
    • Daniel Romano - drums, percussion, guitars, vocals, organ
    • Dave Nardi - bass, organ, guitars
    • Mark Lalama - piano, accordian
    • Ian Romano - drums on White Horses and second drums on At The Start Of The Song
    • Recorded by Daniel Romano
    • Additional recording by Steven Lambke
    • Piano and accordion recorded by Mark Lalama
    • Mixed by Graham Walsh
    • Mastered by Harris Newman at Grey Market Mastering, Montreal
    • Cover Art by Shary Boyle. Swallow, 2015. Porcelain, glazes
    • Photograph by Sean Weaver
    • Layout and Design by Daniel Romano

    Ian Daniel Kehoe – Secret Republic


    Ian Daniel Kehoe
    Secret Republic
    Cat#: YC-036
    Released: March 22, 2019
    Format: LP/Digital

    Ian Daniel Kehoe is a classic songwriter pulling from a seemingly endless supply of hooks, dancing in silver face paint and an assortment of wide shouldered sports jackets, appearing like an emissary from a better world.  Secret Republic is an entirely self-assured debut record, ten confident, immaculate pop songs, drenched in analog synth and punchily articulate in their pursuit of love, beauty and rhythm.

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    SKU: YC-036LP Category:
    Track Listing
    1. Prizes Through The Mazes Of The Jungle
    2. One Picture
    3. Secret Republic
    4. It's Hard (Livin' Without You Girl)
    5. Fate Gets Closer
    6. Evil People
    7. Crying Again
    8. What's A Liar Know Anyway
    9. Doing Fine (Without Your Trust)
    10. Interlude
    • Written, Performed, Recorded and Mixed by Ian Daniel Kehoe
    • Harmony Vocals by Tamara Lindeman
    • Mastered by Harris Newman at Grey Market Mastering
    • Design and Layout by David Nardi
    • Cover Photograph by Rima Sater

    Partner – Saturday The 14th


    Saturday The 14th
    Cat#: YC-038
    Released: April 5th, 2019
    Format: 45 RPM 12", CD

    Partner is committed to exploring and breaking down the limits of their minds in the name of Rock. Saturday the 14th represents the first steps towards a bold new future as the band question the rules and question themselves, while offering a few tantalizing hints for what lies in store next.

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    Track Listing
    1. Fun For Everyone (Minions)
    2. Stoned Thought
    3. Tell You Off
    4. Long & McQuade
    5. Les ailes d'un ange*
    • *featured on CD version only
    • All songs written, arranged and performed by Lucy Niles and Josée Caron
    • Produced by Josée Caron
    • Engineered by Max Cotter
    • Additional engineering by Josée Caron
    • Mixed by Chris Shaw
    • Mastered by João Carvalho
    • Cover artwork by Brandon Celi
    • Layout by Colin Medley

    Daniel Romano – Finally Free


    Daniel Romano
    Finally Free
    Cat#: YC-035
    Released: November 30, 2018
    Format: LP/CD/Digital

    Finally Free sings like a radical revelation, exploring the concepts of music as a celestial being, flora as a consequential ancestor, and singing, no matter its quality or sound, as the endmost important output of our species. Finally Free contains a vivid religious articulation despite its clear condemnation of a god as a singular ruling white male. New words have replaced old words for new meaning and the definitions have been left up to interpretation. It seems safe to say that Romano has broken the literary soil hard and ferociously to find the remaining repose in our current “danse macabre.”

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    Track Listing
    1. Empty Husk
    2. All The Reaching Trims
    3. The Long Mirror Of Time
    4. Celestial Manis
    5. Between The Blades Of Grass
    6. Rhythmic Blood
    7. Have You Arrival
    8. Gleaming Sects of Amiran
    9. There Is Beauty In The Vibrant Forms
    • Written, Recorded, Performed, Engineered, Produced and Mixed by Daniel Romano
    • Piano on Between The Blades Of Grass and There Is Beauty In The Vibrant Forms by Kay Berkel
    • Collage by Daniel Romano and Lauren Speer
    • Illustrations and Artwork by Daniel Romano
    • Mastered by Dan Weston

    Ancient Shapes – Silent Rave

    Ancient Shapes
    Silent Rave
    Cat#: YC-034
    Released: October 5, 2018
    Format: 45 RPM 12"

    Ancient Shapes celebrate and shake with the supernatural under-dogs. Ancient Shapes sing abrasively as the bottom feeders, no-eyed from years of pitch darkness. “Silent Rave” is a collection of raw, lucid poems, exploring various crevasses of love, the natural world, and also more love. Daniel Romano shrieks with immediacy as he never has in his other endeavors, running through a bubble gum power pop landscape with an urgency that can only be described as punk.

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    Track Listing
    1. Giant Coma
    2. Another Century Of Ice
    3. Mental Slavery (We Can't Quit)
    4. Wabash Wreckingball
    5. Violence In The Mouth Of Age
    6. My Adidas (Revisited)
    7. Political Rain
    8. Black Leather Jacket
    9. The Girl Of God's Lips
    10. Blood Orange
    • Written, Performed, Recorded by Daniel Romano
    • Cover photo by Sebastian Buzzalino
    • Layout by Daniel Romano
    • Mastered by Dan Weston

    Ancient Shapes – Across Canada 2018 Photo Book

    Ancient Shapes
    Across Canada 2018
    Released: June 4, 2018
    Format: 6x9" B+W Photo Book

    A collection of black and white tour photos from Ancient Shapes’ cross-Canada January 2018 tour, from Vancouver to Montreal. 120 pages, 147 photos, 6×9” format, includes photos from the stage, the van, the beds, the hotels, the freezing cold road stops and the results of drinking too many Labatt 50s as captured by photographer Sebastian Buzzalino.

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    Nap Eyes – I’m Bad Now


    Nap Eyes
    I'm Bad Now
    Cat#: YC-033
    Released: March 9, 2018
    Format: LP/CD/Digital
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    Track Listing
    1. Every Time The Feeling
    2. I'm Bad
    3. Judgement
    4. Roses
    5. Follow Me Down
    6. You Like To Joke Around With Me
    7. Dull Me Line
    8. Sage
    9. Hearing The Bass
    10. White Disciple
    11. Boats Appear (CD / Download only)
    • All music by Nap Eyes
    • Lyrics by Nigel Chapman
    • "Hearing The Bass" lyrics by Danika Vandersteen
    • Recorded and mixed by Howard Billerman with Mike Wright at Hotel2Tango, Montreal, QC
    • Mastered by Josh Bonati at Bonati Mastering, Brooklyn, NY
    • Cover drawing, caligraphy, and cover photo by Danika Vandersteen
    • Inner sleeve collage by Allison Higgins
    • Design and layout by Danika Vandersteen, Brendan Greaves, and Miles Johnson

    Nap Eyes – 3 LP package

    Nap Eyes
    3 LP Package Deal
    Released: March 9, 2018
    Format: LP

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    Partner – In Search Of Lost Time


    In Search Of Lost Time
    Cat#: YC-032
    Released: September 8, 2017
    Format: LP/CD/Digital

    Heavy as a crush, nimble as a thimble, smart as a doctorate, stupid as edible underwear, these 12 songs shudder with wit, melody and the peerless confederation of Josée Caron and Lucy Niles. None of their influences – not Weezer, Ween, Dinosaur Jr or any of the lesbian superfecta (k.d. lang, Melissa Etheridge, Tegan, Sara) – marry Partner’s craft for singles and their willingness to laugh at themselves – at least not with the same smiling candour. In Search Of Lost Time proves that it’s always more freeing, and probably more fun, to be the butt of the joke.

    Clear selection
    SKU: N/A Category:
    Track Listing
    1. Everybody Knows
    2. Comfort Zone
    3. Gross Secret
    4. Angels From Ontario
    5. Daytime TV
    6. Sex Object
    7. Ambassador To Ecstasy
    8. Play The Field
    9. You Don't Have To Say Thank You
    10. Creature In The Sun
    11. Remember This
    12. Woman Of Dreams
    • All music and lyrics written by Partner
    • Recorded in April 2016 at Candle Recording
    • Engineered by Josh Korody
    • Assistant Engineered by Dylan Frankland
    • Recording supervised by Steven Lambke
    • Additional overdubs engineered by Max Cotter and Tynan Dunfield
    • Edited by Kevin Brasier
    • Produced by Josée Caron and Kevin Brasier
    • Mixed by Chris Shaw
    • Mastered by Joao Carvalho
    • Photography by Colin Medley
    • Layout by Paul Henderson
    • Art direction by Josée Caron
    • Vocals and Lead Guitar by Josée Caron
    • Vocals and Rhythm Guitar by Lucy Niles
    • Bass by Kevin Brasier
    • Drums by Simone TB

    Daniel Romano – Modern Pressure


    Daniel Romano
    Modern Pressure
    Cat#: YC-031
    Released: May 19, 2017
    Format: LP/CD

    Modern Pressure is Daniel Romano's ambitious and surprising new album, and marks his return to You've Changed Records for the first time since 2010's classic Sleep Beneath The Willow. The twelve tracks boldly ask, “What age is this? What blooming weight do we carry?”. Written in observational scrutiny beneath the overcast atmosphere of 2016, the record vigorously tackles the present-day heaviness we contain in the jotting bones of our guilty expressions. It pleads for the restoration of empathy and resonance, to fill the empty chamber once again.

    Clear selection
    SKU: N/A Category:
    Track Listing
    1. Ugly Human Heart Pt. 1
    2. Modern Pressure
    3. Roya
    4. The Pride Of Queens
    5. When I Learned Your Name
    6. Sucking The Old World Dry/li>
    7. Ugly Human Heart Pt. 2
    8. Impossible Green
    9. Jennifer Castle
    10. Dancing With The Lady In The Moon
    11. I Tried To Hold The World (In My Mouth)
    12. What's To Become Of The Meaning Of Love
    • All music and lyrics by Daniel Romano
    • (Fake Love Songs) lyrics by Chris 'Loons' O'Toole
    • All performances by Daniel Romano
    • Additional performances by: Mark Lalama (piano), Aaron Goldstein (pedal steel), Raha Javanfar (violin), Brian Moyer (trumpet)
    • Recorded in Finnsnäs, Karlstad, Sweden by Daniel Romano and Kenneth Roy Meehan
    • Additional recording at the Old Sumbler House in Fenwick, Ontario and Baldwin Street Sound in Toronto, ON by Kenneth Roy Meehan
    • Mixed by Dan Weston, Daniel Romano and Kenneth Roy Meehan
    • Mastered by Dan Weston
    • Photo by Kay Berkel
    • Artwork and Layout by Daniel Romano

    Richard Laviolette – Taking The Long Way Home


    Richard Laviolette
    Taking The Long Way Home
    Cat#: YC-029
    Released: March 10, 2017
    Format: LP/CD/Digital

    Taking the Long Way Home, Guelph ON singer-songwriter Richard Laviolette’s fourth full-length album, is a record to warm the heart as well as the dance floor. Combining all the grace and grit of the classic country music of his childhood with a masterful lyricism, Laviolette explores resiliency in the face of change, illness and death. Weaving together humour and despair, these songs are, as he sings, “full of grief and praise; stories we all know.”

    Clear selection
    SKU: N/A Category:
    Track Listing
    1. Grey Rain
    2. Two Guitars
    3. Someone To Tell My Story When I'm Gone
    4. Louella Austella
    5. Old Country Music
    6. Taking The Long Way Home
    7. Red Wing Blackbird
    8. The Rock And The Moss
    9. My Grandma's More Punk (Than Most Punks I Know)
    10. Yesterday's Gospel
    11. You've Really Got Me On The Run
    • Richard Laviolette, guitar, vocals
    • Jessy Bell Smith, vocals
    • Lisa Bozikovic, piano, vocals
    • Aaron Goldstein, pedal steel
    • Julia Narveson, fiddle, double bass
    • Aaron Curtis, drums
    • Matthew Reeves, guitar
    • Heather Kirby, electric bass
    • Nathan Coles, vocals
    • Cid V. Brunet, vocals
    • Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Andy Magoffin at the House Of Miracles, Cambridge, Turtle Island
    • Layout by Colin Medley
    • Cover photo by Erin E. Warner
    • Illustration by Justin Gordon
    • All songs by Richard Laviolette (SOCAN 2017)

    Jon Mckiel – Memorial Ten Count

    Jon McKiel
    Memorial Ten Count
    Cat#: YC-030
    Released: March 10, 2017
    Format: LP/Digital

    On Memorial Ten Count (named for the fabled toll that marks the death of a champion boxer) Jon Mckiel offers vital guitar rock, equal parts blister-forming-grit and punch-drunk-wistfulness, a system of love, a peace sign to America, completely free of macho posturing, recalling in turn the anthemic restlessness of early Kurt Vile and the delicate thought-play of Chris Cohen, with intricate guitar arrangements evoking the expansive jams of Television.

    Memorial Ten Count was recorded live to tape on the south shore of Nova Scotia by experimental composer, weird jazz-guy, and lead guitarist Jay Crocker (of JOYFULTALK, No More Shapes, Ghostkeeper), and features the powerful rhythm section of Sean Dicey (also of JOYFULTALK) on bass and Aaron Mangle (Cousins) on drums.

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    SKU: N/A Category:
    Track Listing
    1. Boss
    2. Impossible GIF
    3. Brothers
    4. Jewel In The Sun
    5. Unknown Source
    6. Conduit
    7. High Five (Living A Lie)
    8. Still Remain
    9. Turf War
    10. Memory Cook
    • Recorded and Mixed by Jay Crocker at The Prism Ship in Crousetown, Nova Scotia, using an Otari MX-5050 tape recorder
    • All songs written by Jon Mckiel
    • All songs arranged by Jon Mckiel and Jay Crocker
    • Guitar and vocals: Jon Mckiel
    • Guitar: Jay Crocker
    • Bass: Shawn Dicey
    • Drums: Aaron Mangle
    • Mastered by Harris Newman
    • Design and Artwork by Will Vandermeulen
    • Cover Photograph by Andrea Thorn

    Ancient Shapes – Ancient Shapes


    Ancient Shapes
    Ancient Shapes
    Cat#: YC-026
    Released: May 26, 2016
    Format: LP/Digital

    Ancient Shapes is the surprising new project from songwriter Daniel Romano, playing immediate and fierce power pop reminiscent of early Buzzcocks and Television with surprising hints of Romano’s roots in hardcore and a lifelong Dylan fascination. The music is hard and desperate, as it should be, the vocals balanced on the rails but never quite falling off. Ancient Shapes is a study of a blank and nameless generation. This is the sound. These are the moves. The name is Ancient Shapes. May we all have fearless death tomorrow.

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    SKU: N/A Categories: ,
    Track Listing
    1. Public Hymns
    2. Ancient Shapes
    3. The Dance Of The Blossoming Selves
    4. I Wanna Put My Tears Back In
    5. Someone Always Blushing
    6. Navigator
    7. Fearless Death Tomorrow
    8. The Last Word In The World
    9. Hurricane Lady
    10. The Trembling Dogs (And Even You Aren't Here)
    • All instrumentation, music, and lyrics by Daniel Romano
    • Recitation in "Ancient Shapes" by Chris "Loons" O'Toole
    • Recorded and Mixed by Daniel Romano and Kenneth Roy Meehan at The Navy, Fenwick, ON
    • Mastered by Kenneth Roy Meehan
    • Artwork by Daniel Romano
    • Ancient Shapes (SOCAN 2016)

    Adrian Teacher and the Subs – Terminal City

    Adrian Teacher and the Subs
    Terminal City
    Cat#: YC-028
    Released: May 27, 2016
    Format: LP/Digital

    What happens when the thing you love begins disappearing in front of your eyes? Adrian Teacher and the Subs debut album Terminal City is a 25-minute, ten song album that documents a rapidly changing city, an endangered planet, faltering relationships and personal loss. His latest release gives gentle nods to the 70s UK pub rock scene (think proto-punks like Squeeze or Nick Lowe) and is a return to classic form – filtering heavy subject matter through the 2 1⁄2 minute frantically upbeat power-pop song.

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    Track Listing
    1. Emily Carr Punks
    2. Victory Square
    3. Called Up
    4. Charmless Babes
    5. Terminal City
    6. Forget America
    7. Westfalia 79
    8. I Feel The Same
    9. Weird At Shows
    10. Be Prepared To Stop
    • Adrian Teacher - Guitar and Vocals
    • Robbie Nall - Bass and Vocals
    • Amanda Pezzutto - Drums and Vocals
    • with Ridley Bishop - Saxophone; Aaron Read - Violin; Mef, Jory, and Cole - Backup Vocals
    • Recorded at Bottle Garden Studios, Montreal, QC by Peter Woodford
    • Recorded and Mixed at JC/DC, Vancouver, BC by David Carswell
    • Mastered by Joshua Stevenson at Otic Sound, Vancouver, BC
    • Artwork by Rob Ondzik
    • All songs by Adrian Teacher (SOCAN 2016)

    Partner – Healthy Release

    Healthy Release
    Cat#: YC-027
    Released: April 8, 2016
    Format: Cassette

    A collection of early recordings, including the singles ‘Hot Knives’, ‘The “Ellen” Page’, and ‘Personal Weekend’. Limited run, only available at shows!

    Track Listing
    1. Healthy Release
    2. Partner Theme
    3. Hot Knives
    4. Sex Bracelet
    5. Friend On My Street
    6. Personal Weekend
    7. The "Ellen" Page
    • Performed by Josée Caron and Lucy Niles
    • Tracks 1, 2, 4, 6 engineered by Max Cotter, mixed by Max Cotter, Steven Lambke
    • Tracks 3, 5, 7 engineered by Colleen Collins and Dave Trenaman, mixed by Kevin Brasier, Max Cotter, and Steven Lambke
    • Mastered by Gavin Gardiner
    • Design by Colin Medley and Josée Caron

    Shotgun Jimmie – Field Of Trampolines


    Shotgun Jimmie
    Field Of Trampolines
    Cat#: YC-025
    Released: March 18, 2016
    Format: LP/CD/Digital

    Beloved Canadian entertainer Shotgun Jimmie returns with Field Of Trampolines, a hi-fi masterpiece, a celebratory, catchy, and completely charming collection of songs about camping, art school, band crushes, and life on the road.  Produced by Joel Plaskett.

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    Track Listing
    1. Join The Band
    2. Georgia OK
    3. Solar Array
    4. Triple Letter Score
    5. Project 9
    6. Field Of Trampolines
    7. Love Letter
    8. Constantine Believer
    9. Song For Julie, Chris, Rick + Mark
    10. Walkman Battery Bleed
    • Performed by Shotgun Jimmie, Jory Hasselmann, Marie-France Hollier, and Cole Woods and special guest Joel Plaskett
    • Produced by Joel Plaskett
    • Engineered by Thomas Stajcer at New Scotland Yard, Dartmouth, NS
    • Mastered by J. Lapointe at Archive Mastering, Mineville, NS
    • Cover art: "Champion" by Shotgun Jimmie
    • Photographed by Kevin Bertram
    • Design by Paul Henderson
    • All songs by Shotgun Jimmie, SOCAN 2015

    Nap Eyes – Thought Rock Fish Scale


    Nap Eyes
    Thought Rock Fish Scale
    Cat#: YC-024
    Released: February 5, 2016
    Format: LP/CD/Digital

    “Nap Eyes are one of the best rock bands in business today, handily spanning the space between Bob Dylan and The Microphones. Nigel Chapman’s songwriting grips like the best of them. A timeless release, already.” – The Fader

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    Track Listing
    1. Mixer
    2. Stargazer
    3. Lion In Chains
    4. Don't Be Right
    5. Click Clack
    6. Alaskan Shake
    7. Roll It
    8. Trust
    • Nap Eyes is Nigel Chapman, Seamus Dalton, Brad Lougheed, and Josh Salter
    • Recorded live to 4-track tape, without any overdubs, on the North Shore of Nova Scotia, Canada, 2014
    • Recorded and mixed by Mike Wright
    • Mastered by Patrick Klem at Klemflastic Sound
    • Back jacket and label photos of Pictou by by Nigel Chapman
    • Sleeve photos by the Chapman family
    • Cover drawing by Danika Vandersteen
    • Design and Layout by Brendan Greaves

    Steven Lambke – Days Of Heaven


    Steven Lambke
    Days Of Heaven
    Cat#: YC-023
    Released: October 30, 2015
    Format: LP/CD/Digital

    The poem/songs of Days Of Heaven look beyond language, beyond love, beyond god, into the void, trying for a good light and a rough grace. This tender, intimate, and personal album by Steven Lambke, Constantines member, You’ve Changed Records founder, and former Baby Eagle, features Tamara Lindeman of The Weather Station and Ian Kehoe of Marine Dreams, and special appearances by Richard Laviolette, Mika Posen, and Darcy Hancock (Ladyhawk). They make a close, rich sound, thick with flowers and crossed by swallows, as hard as dead stones, as gone as an echo in the silence.

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    Track Listing
    1. Days Of Heaven
    2. Hummingbird
    3. Sunflower Mind
    4. Memory Forever
    5. Silence/Love
    6. Dead Stones
    7. A Good Light And Tired Feeling
    8. You Know Me Well
    9. Moonshine Brother
    10. Under A Dumb Moon
    11. Days Of Rough Grace
    • Songs By Steven Lambke
    • With Tamara Lindeman, Ian Kehoe, Ross Miller, Mika Posen, Shary Boyle, Richard Laviolette, and Darcy Hancock
    • Recorded and Mixed by Jeff McMurrich at 6 Nassau St, Toronto
    • Additional recording by Steven Lambke, Ian Kehoe, and Tamara Lindeman
    • Mastered by Harris Newman at Grey Market Mastering, Montreal
    • Cover Art: Shary Boyle. La Lune, 2012. Porcelain, glazes
    • Photograph © Rafael Goldchain, 2012
    • Layout and Design by Paul Henderson

    Nap Eyes – Whine Of The Mystic


    Nap Eyes
    Whine Of The Mystic
    Cat#: YC-022
    Released: July 10, 2015
    Format: LP/CD/Digital

    “Nap Eyes’ Whine of the Mystic is a ragged splendour, one of the best things in ages. A band from Halifax with a sound like young caterpillar and old silk, like the Velvet Underground and Electrelane and Destroyer and Guided by Voices. Like liking a drink you know isn’t good for you; that’s good for you, that’s good for you, that you know isn’t good for you. They are a rock band just so faintly tripping. Sean Michaels, Said the Gramophone

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    Track Listing
    1. Dark Creedence
    2. Make Something
    3. Tribal Thoughts
    4. Delirium And Persecution Paranoia
    5. No Man Needs To Care
    6. Dreaming Solo
    7. The Night Of The First Show
    8. Oh My Friends
    9. No Fear Of Hellfire
    • Nap Eyes is Nigel Chapman, Seamus Dalton, Brad Lougheed, and Josh Salter
    • Recorded live to 4-track tape, without any overdubs, on the North Shore of Nova Scotia, Canada, 2014
    • Recorded and mixed by Mike Wright
    • Mastered by Patrick Klem at Klemflastic Sound
    • Back jacket and label photos of Pictou by by Nigel Chapman
    • Sleeve photos by the Chapman family
    • Cover drawing by Danika Vandersteen
    • Design and Layout by Brendan Greaves

    Marine Dreams – Producer’s Wonderland


    Marine Dreams
    Producer's Wonderland
    Cat#: YC-021
    Released: January 27, 2015
    Format: Cassette/Digital

    Ian Kehoe is Marine Dreams. I want to make this clear as he brings us this new and very personal album. Written, performed, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Ian in his home studio, Producer’s Wonderland is the work of a singular vision and a unique mind.

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    Track Listing
    1. One Question
    2. Polished Stone
    3. Snake Fish
    4. No Use
    5. Learning Experience
    6. Sunny Starry Moon
    7. Love (After "Eros The Bittersweet")
    8. Michael
    9. Men Without Grace
    10. Prisoner Of Eternity
    • Written, Performed, Recorded, Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by Ian Kehoe
    • Tamara Lindeman is The Voice in Sunny Starry Moon.
    • Love (After Eros The Bittersweet) was inspired by Anne Carson's book Eros The Bittersweet.
    • Photography and Layout by Colin Medley

    Community Theatre – Northern Register

    Community Theatre
    Northern Register
    Cat#: YCR-020
    Released: October 9, 2014
    Format: LP/Digital

    Community Theatre is a unique recording project featuring Shotgun Jimmie, Steven Lambke (Baby Eagle/Constantines), Ian Kehoe (Marine Dreams/Attack in Black), Richard Laviolette, Michael Feuerstack, Mathias Kom (The Burning Hell), Wax Mannequin, Colleen Collins and David Trenaman of Construction and Destruction, and Kyle Cashen. Northern Register was recorded in Whitehorse, YT, with each member contributing a new song and their singular musical abilities to the mix.

    Community Theatre – Northern Register is a split release with Headless Owl Records.

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    Track Listing
    1. Plymouth Acclaim: For Sale
    2. I Think My World Just Got A Little Bit Bigger
    3. Slowly
    4. Engines
    5. Onward & Upward!
    6. Winter Studies No. 4
    7. Snailhouse
    8. The Quickening
    9. Will You Know?
    • Featuring Shotgun Jimmie, Steven Lambke, Ian Kehoe (Marine Dreams), Richard Laviolette, Michael Feuerstack, Mathias Kom (The Burning Hell), Wax Mannequin, Construction and Destruction, and Kyle Cashen
    • Illustration and Collage by Shary Boyle
    • Recorded and Mixed by Jordy Walker
    • Mastered by Ryan Morey
    • Layout and Design by Corey Isenor
    • Executive Producer: Andrew Stratis

    The Weather Station – What Am I Going To Do With Everything I Know


    The Weather Station
    What Am I Going To Do With Everything I Know
    Cat#: YC-019
    Released: October 14, 2014
    Format: 12" EP/Digital

    The Weather Station returns with this limited edition 12″ 45 RPM EP. The 6 song EP was recorded with Daniel Romano and the acclaimed North Carolina band Megafaun. Each side of the record is a trio of interconnected songs: Side A is a meditation on knowledge, Side B is a narrative, a love story in three parts. It is a quiet, yearning, and soulful record that expands on the acoustic folk of All Of It Was Mine (YC-011) while deepening the intimacy.

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    Track Listing
    1. Don't Understand
    2. What Am I Going To Do (With Everything I Know)
    3. Seemed True
    4. Soft Spoken Man
    5. Time
    6. Almost Careless
    • Tamara Lindeman - vocals, guitar
    • Daniel Romano - guitars, bass, percussion, keys, vocals
    • Phil Cook - organ, guitar
    • Brad Cook - bass
    • Terry Lonergan - drums
    • Aaron Goldstein - pedal steel
    • Carleigh Aikens - vocals
    • Carleigh Aikens - vocals
    • Felicity Williams - vocals
    • Recorded by Daniel Romano (2, 4, 5, 6) and Brian Haran and Jim Bob Aiken (1, 3)
    • Mixed by Stew Cookes (1, 4, 5, 6) and Tamara Lindeman (2, 3)
    • Mastered by Jeff Elliott
    • Photography and Design by Colin Medley

    Constantines – Shine A Light

    Shine A Light
    Cat#: YC-018
    Released: June 10, 2014
    Format: LP + 7"

    Originally released by Three Gut Records (Canada) and Sub Pop Records (the rest of the world) in 2003 and since named one of the top 200 records of the 2000s by Pitchfork and often cited as one of the best Canadian records ever, this legendary album has been out of print since 2007. You’ve Changed Records is proud to make this LP available with this Deluxe 11th Anniversary Reissue featuring a newly cut vinyl master and packaged with a special bonus 7inch containing 3 B-sides recorded at the time of Shine A Light. The original gatefold artwork was re-photographed to show it’s age and the past 11 years of neglect in dank basements.


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    Track Listing
    1. National Hum
    2. Shine A Light
    3. Nighttime/Anytime (It's Alright)
    4. Insectivora
    5. Young Lions
    6. Goodbye Baby & Amen
    7. On To You
    8. Poison
    9. Scoundrel Babes
    10. Tiger And Crane
    11. Tank Commander (Hung Up In A Warehouse Town)
    12. Sub-Domestic
    Bonus 7"
    1. Thank You For Sending Me An Angel
    2. Raw Youth (Royal City Cover)
    3. Hotline Operator (2003)

    Marine Dreams – Lemon Tree


    Marine Dreams
    Lemon Tree
    Cat#: YC-017
    Released: May 22, 2014
    Format: Cassette/Digital

    I’ve never seen a lemon tree; or, I’ve seen not knowing. It’s entirely possible to look at a tree and, if think at all, think only: “there’s a tree.” To be aware that something exists in all it’s particulars outside of your understanding is a peculiar type of knowing. From something very small, a word perhaps, or a name, the idea takes on weight and shape. It roots and flowers and blooms, bears fruit, seed, and sapling, through multiplying generations of bewilderment.

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    Track Listing
    1. Video Life
    2. Remembering
    3. Flowers For Healing
    4. So Long
    5. Blank Moods
    6. Constant Love
    7. Blowing Steam
    8. Days
    9. Naked Fool
    • Ian Kehoe - All sounds, recording, and mixing
    • Tamara Lindeman - additional playing
    • Steven Lambke - additional playing
    • Ross Miller - additional playing
    • Dan Weston - mastering
    • Colin Medley - layout
    • Sylvie Smith - title font
    • M. S. Giganti - cover photograph

    Marine Dreams – Corner Of The Eye

    Marine Dreams
    Corner Of The Eye
    Cat#: YC-016
    Released: September 24, 2013
    Format: LP/Digital

    Ian Kehoe returns with this poetic acoustic pop record. Recording again with his frequent collaborators Daniel Romano, Ross Miller, Ian Romano and Tamara Lindeman (The Weather Station) he plays his deepest thoughts and the flickering wonders of an active mind into gorgeous and adventurous songs.

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    SKU: N/A Category:
    Track Listing
    1. Faces
    2. Straight Path
    3. Damp Eyes
    4. Corner Of The Eye
    5. Roots Come After Lengthy Waits
    6. How Can I Be So Misunderstood?
    7. I Won't Be Abandoned
    8. Morning
    9. Guarding My Love
    10. Scared Of Burning Up
    • Ian Kehoe - Vocals, 12-string acoustic
    • Tamara Lindeman - Harmony vocals, flute
    • Daniel Romano - Harmony vocals, guitar, drums
    • Ross Miller - Bass
    • Ian Romano - Drums
    • Recorded by Daniel Romano
    • Mastered by Tapes and Plates
    • Design and Photography by Colin Medley