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Daniel Romano – Fully Plugged In


Daniel Romano
Fully Plugged In
Cat#: YC-050
Released: September 10, 2021
Format: LP/Digital

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PLEASE NOTE: The combo option includes both new Daniel Romano LPs: Daniel Romano – Fully Plugged In (YC-050) and Daniel Romano – Cobra Poems (YC-051)

Recorded live in Atlanta in early 2020 in the final hours before the stages of the aching world fell dark, and the wandering, yearnful musicians were sent home to recollect, to reminisce, to plan – or in the case of the famously prolific Daniel Romano to reactive a dedicated studio practice – Fully Plugged In celebrates the sweat filled nights, the communal noise, the profound physical presence at the heart of rock and roll. Together the Outfit bring a classic swagger, an epic, electric, eternal folk, a primal freedom to a setlist drawn from Romano’s rich songbook, (the Kink’s God’s Children sticking around long enough to get a full (and beautiful) run-through). Outfit singer Julianna Riolino, who’s voice blends so perfectly with Romano’s own, steps powerfully into the spotlight at key moments, ripping open the song in surprising opener “Rhythmic Blood” and ripping open your heart in the country weeper “The One That Got Away (Came Back Today)”.

Here, hear – wild sounds, genius song-writing, ebullient drumming, exuberant musicality, and disparate influences are powerfully, uniquely synthesized. Shockingly united. Fully Plugged In.

It’s time to get live.

Track Listing
  1. Rhythmic Blood
  2. God’s Children
  3. Impossible Green
  4. Anyone’s Arms
  5. First Yoke
  6. All The Reaching Trims
  7. She Was The World To Me
  8. The One That Got Away
  9. Gone Is (All But A Quarry Of Stone)
  10. A Rat Without A Tale
  11. I’m Alone Now
  12. The Pride Of Queens
  • The Outfit:
  • Daniel Romano
  • Ian Romano
  • Julianna Riolino
  • Roddy Rozetti
  • David Nardi
  • Recorded Live at The Earl
  • Mixed by Kenneth Roy Meehan
  • Mastered by Tony Cicero
  • Photograph by Carson McHone