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Transistors Sister Super Package!

Shotgun Jimmie
Transistors Sister Super Package
Released: Dec 4, 2019
Format: LP

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Wow! Look at this! It’s the Shotgun Jimmie Transistors Sister Super Package! Features Transistor Sister (2011) and Transistor Sister 2 (2019), two stone-cold all-time classics packed with heart, riffs, good times, and sing-a-long feelings. And now, as never before, the Transistor Sister Super Package includes the bonus LP, Field of Trampolines (2016)!!! A world of Jimmie awaits!

Available in super limited quantities for a super limited time only, it’s the Shotgun Jimmie Transistors Sister Super Package, a perfect compliment to any record collection.

Transistor Sister
  1. Late Last Year
  2. Suzy
  3. King Of Kreuzberg
  4. Paper Planes
  5. Confidence Lodge Stairwell Recording #1
  6. Transistor Sister
  7. Too Many Flowers
  8. Stereo And The Stove
  9. Swamp Magic
  10. Piano
  11. Peace And Love
  12. Masterpiece
  13. Haze
  14. Refrain
  15. Bar's Open
  16. Bar's Closed
Transistor Sister 2
  1. Blues Riffs
  2. Tumbleweed
  3. Hot Pots
  4. Ablutions
  5. Fountain
  6. Suddenly Submarine
  7. Piano (with band)
  8. The New Sincerity
  9. Sappy Slogans
  10. Highway 401
  11. Jack Pine
  12. Sorry We’re Closed