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Shotgun Jimmie – Field Of Trampolines


Shotgun Jimmie
Field Of Trampolines
Cat#: YC-025
Released: March 18, 2016
Format: LP/CD/Digital
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…Shotgun Jimmie, what about us? How do we feel? Here’s how: We feel like each of us just got high-fived so hard that our finger-bones shattered. We’re all nursing our poor hands, & grinning.” – Sean Michaels, Said the Gramophone

Field of Trampolines is a perfect summer album, recorded at the Eastern end of a cross-Canada tour in August 2015. Shotgun Jimmie and his band (Winnipeg’s wonderful Human Music) slept under the stars, played rock shows and swam every possible lake. Crowds were surfed. They ate from orchards and cooked by campfire. Field of Trampolines was produced by Joel Plaskett in his Dartmouth, NS studio. Joel is a magician, a musician and a legend. They worked quickly, recording live and mixing fast in a single 4-day session. Joel captured the summer vibes like a glow bug in his bare hands.

Here are 10 songs celebrating life’s joys: life on the road (Join The Band), natural phenomena (Solar Array), and camping (Triple Letter Score). There are a series of tributes to Jimmie’s friends and inspirations: The Constantines are saluted in Constantine Believer, Attack In Black in Love Letter, and the legendary Eric’s Trip in Song For Julie, Chris, Rick + Mark. Jimmie’s current life as a student at art school also gets due airtime: “I’m losing sleep over Georgia O’Keefe” he sings in Georgia OK. And as the batteries run down on the nostalgic and entirely wonderful Walkman Battery Bleed, you’ll be looking to flip back to the A side and play it all over again.

LP is pressed on white vinyl.
CD version comes in a beautiful slim cardboard sleeve.

Track Listing
  1. Join The Band
  2. Georgia OK
  3. Solar Array
  4. Triple Letter Score
  5. Project 9
  6. Field Of Trampolines
  7. Love Letter
  8. Constantine Believer
  9. Song For Julie, Chris, Rick + Mark
  10. Walkman Battery Bleed
  • Performed by Shotgun Jimmie, Jory Hasselmann, Marie-France Hollier, and Cole Woods and special guest Joel Plaskett
  • Produced by Joel Plaskett
  • Engineered by Thomas Stajcer at New Scotland Yard, Dartmouth, NS
  • Mastered by J. Lapointe at Archive Mastering, Mineville, NS
  • Cover art: "Champion" by Shotgun Jimmie
  • Photographed by Kevin Bertram
  • Design by Paul Henderson
  • All songs by Shotgun Jimmie, SOCAN 2015