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Julianna Riolino – J.R.


Julianna Riolino
Cat#: YCA-005
Released: June 14, 2024
Format: 12" EP
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You’ve Changed Records presents the first-ever vinyl release of Julianna Riolino’s debut EP J.R. as part of the ongoing Archive Series of special limited edition collector’s pressings. PLEASE NOTE: This is a special Pre-order offer. Any orders including J.R. will ship on or before June 1, 2024.

Previously available only through digital channels, J.R. predates All Blue, Julianna Riolino’s 2022 breakthrough full-length, which was feted by the New York Times, Pitchfork, and Uncut among many, many others, and occasioned extensive North American and European touring including appearances at Bonnaroo, End of The Road, Hillside, NPRs Mountain Stage, as well as dates with The Sadies, Kassi Valazza, Daniel Romano’s Outfit, and Royal Alberta Advantage.

For the most part, J.R. omits the county, Americana, and folk influences heard on All Blue though there is a shock of recognition in the always surprising power and pure tone of Julianna Riolino’s already legendary voice. Rich in melody and early confidence, Julianna draws from classic girl-group pop and contemporary indie while establishing a characteristic song-writing template of interpreting foundational texts and iconography to portray uniquely personal experiences and emotional truths.

“It’s like it’s who you are before you grow more” she says of J.R. now.

Singing then in the center piece “Sacred Heart”, “All I wanted / all that I could be / wasnʼt fully realized / so burn the old me” you can hear, in spite of the artist’s protests, her early and immense skill, her ambition, and a shocking ability to convey emotion at a slow burn or with explosive immediacy. “Be My Man” is a quick blast of joyful power-pop, revealing the unexpected influence of the Buzzcocks, which made up a big portion of her listening at the time. “Everybody knew that I was no good back then” she sings on Taming Of The Shrew, shrugging off, easily and with confidence, any limits that might be placed on her. This is a debut collection, and the amount of looking back contained in these songs might come as a surprise, until you realize we’re already past the pivot point, the artist has come into their own, leaving behind the uncertainties of youth for the richer terrain of maturity.

When Julianna sings “I think I know who Iʼm supposed to be right now” in album opener Better Off, her voice pushing thrillingly at the limits of the microphone, it heralds the arrival of an undeniably important artist, and one of today’s greatest singers.

Julianna Riolino – J.R. is available on Black or Yellow vinyl variants.

Track Listing
  • Better Off
  • Be My Man
  • Pal
  • Sacred Heart
  • Taming The Shrew
  • Credits
  • Songs by Julianna Riolino
  • Performed by Julianna Riolino, Ross Miller, Jason Battacharya, Dan Edmonds
  • Production and Arrangements by Dan Edmonds and Ross Miller
  • Mixed by Aaron Hutchinson
  • Mastered by Kristian Montano
  • Cover Art by Brooke Tutty
  • Back Photo by Stella Gigliotti
  • Layout by Ross Miller