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Baby Eagle – Dog Weather


Baby Eagle
Dog Weather
Cat#: YC-008
Released: August 17, 2010
Format: LP/CD/Digital
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“the simplicity’s a ruse; … a richly crafted set of interconnected narratives” — Exclaim!

Shambling garage and folk noise from Steven Lambke (Constantines) and a hearty pack of collaborators: Shotgun Jimmie, Daniel Romano, and David Trenaman and Colleen Collins of Construction and Destruction. The streetlights swing low, the mud is deep, the weather is bad, and all we can do darling is ramble on.


Original Release Notes:

“Dog Weather is the next great novel of my generation.”
– Paul Henderson, Chairman of the Board

Dog Weather is the new album from Baby Eagle and the latest release from You’ve Changed Records, a small Canadian label steadily building a reputation for the collaborative nature of it’s roster and the high quality of it’s product. YC co-owner and Baby Eagle songwriter Steven Lambke (Constantines) is back with a rock band featuring lablemate/co-owner Daniel Romano (Attack in Black), Shotgun Jimmie, and David Trenaman and Colleen Collins (Construction & Destruction).

The story of this record isn’t all that different from a thousand others out here. Songwriter forms a scrappy band of talented friends when their schedules allow. At the tail end of winter the aforementioned band heads to a big rural house overlooking a vast body of water. Wood is burned, dogs shit, wind howls. Meals are cooked and people sing, play instruments, and a record gets cut. Serendipity trumps bad luck.

What is different on this record, is the way its stories are told, what they describe, and the undeniable joy with which they’re played. It is a record full of natural imagery, domestic narratives and ragged characters trying to patch a wound of meaning on the world. This is a rock band shaking its wet fur dry, pulling its boot from the mud and driving another mile.

Dog Weather is the third record from Baby Eagle, and its very much of its time. Its characters standing on the other side of some fast and reckless youth, some shitty day jobs, a little scarred but settled, holding very little, outside enough love to matter. Guitars come and go like flyweights in a barnfight, the drummer is a steady, smiling underdog. “What the hell did you expect from us? What more do you want?”

Track Listing
  1. Day Of Our Departing
  2. Fisherman Or Fish
  3. Haybale Song
  4. Dog Failure
  5. Broken Bones
  6. Man Of My Time
  7. Thistle In Bloom
  8. Crooked Coin
  9. Child Of The Weather
  10. River Bank Sitter
  11. Me vs. The Devil
  12. American Drum
  13. Last Song Of The Night
  14. (The World Covered In Mud)