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Marine Dreams – Lemon Tree


Marine Dreams
Lemon Tree
Cat#: YC-017
Released: May 22, 2014
Format: Cassette/Digital

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I’ve never seen a lemon tree; or, I’ve seen not knowing. It’s entirely possible to look at a tree and, if think at all, think only: “there’s a tree.” To be aware that something exists in all it’s particulars outside of your understanding is a peculiar type of knowing. From something very small, a word perhaps, or a name, the idea takes on weight and shape. It roots and flowers and blooms, bears fruit, seed, and sapling, through multiplying generations of bewilderment.

There’s a cool shade between the lines of trees. A human voice is singing: “I do not know! I do not know!” The sound echoes off the wood; the orchard itself is singing.

Two lovers lie beneath the trees. They decide to look together through the leafy branches for the sky and tell each other what they see: a leafy sky that’s filled with suns! Dark green leaves like holes in the light!

-Steven Lambke

Track Listing
  1. Video Life
  2. Remembering
  3. Flowers For Healing
  4. So Long
  5. Blank Moods
  6. Constant Love
  7. Blowing Steam
  8. Days
  9. Naked Fool
  • Ian Kehoe - All sounds, recording, and mixing
  • Tamara Lindeman - additional playing
  • Steven Lambke - additional playing
  • Ross Miller - additional playing
  • Dan Weston - mastering
  • Colin Medley - layout
  • Sylvie Smith - title font
  • M. S. Giganti - cover photograph