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Ancient Shapes – Across Canada 2018 Photo Book

Ancient Shapes
Across Canada 2018
Released: June 4, 2018
Format: 6x9" B+W Photo Book

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A collection of black and white tour photos from Ancient Shapes’ cross-Canada January 2018 tour, from Vancouver to Montreal. 120 pages, 147 photos, 6×9” format, includes images from the stage, the van, the beds, the hotels, the freezing cold road stops, and the results of drinking too many Labatt 50s, as captured by photographer Sebastian Buzzalino.

“I’ve had the privilege of working with Dan on a couple of tours, but this was the first time documenting his punk project, Ancient Shapes. Huddled in a busted van full of speed holes as we raced across Canada at the height of winter, I captured a more frenetic, urgent side of his music. Between the close quarters, the packed venues and our scrappy camaraderie, these represent some of my most visceral and intimate photos to date.” – Sebastian Buzzalino

“Sebastian Buzzalino is an invisible summer. When behind the camera, he is disguised and blends into even the most vivid scenery. This ability is what makes him able to capture the raw, living, bleeding imagery that he does. Never have I met someone with such a quick response and attention to a subject. Above all this, when the camera comes down, his beautiful smile appears.” – Daniel Romano

To see more of Sebastian’s work please visit Unfolding Creative Photography.

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