If Steven Lambke were a bird he’d be a Zeppelin,
If Steven Lambke saw you wave he’d say “hello”,
If Steven Lambke was a silence he’d be kept in,
If he wanted you to “swing” he’d tell you so,
If Steven Lambke were a song he’d be a shepherd,
If Steven Lambke were a word he’d be a bone,
If Steven Lambke was a light he’d call it Shary,
If Steven Lambke were an ocean made of stone,
If Steven Lambke found a fiddle in a jail cell,
He’d play the bars like an American drum,
If he stood beside a dog he’d call it weather,
If he thought for him to speak then it would come,
If a hundred days should pass within his lifetime,
He might sketch a hundred dusk for you to see,
If a hundred days should pass yet somehow different,
He might bloom a purple flower for a bee,
If a road should go from one place to another,
And a vine should almost surely do the same,
He might look out at the crow among the milk wheat,
He might carry many boxes to the train,
If Steven Lambke were a coat he’d be the first one,
If Steven Lambke were an end he’d be a stop,
If Steven Lambke held his chin down to the bottom
The yellow hairs up on his head would be the top.
– Daniel Romano

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Steven Lambke
Volcano Volcano
April 29, 2022
$20.00$42.00 Select options
Steven Lambke
Dark Blue
March 29, 2019
$14.00 Select options
Baby Eagle and the Proud Mothers
Bone Soldiers
March 6, 2012
$5.00 Select options
Baby Eagle
Dog Weather
August 17, 2010
$12.00 Select options
Steven Lambke
Days Of Heaven
October 30, 2015
$9.00$14.00 Select options

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March 14, 2022 | Posted in: Steven Lambke 0

Announcing! Volcano Volcano, a brand new record by Steven Lambke will be released on April 29th! “Volcano Volcano is an invitation, an exploration of potential, an opportunity for listening and thinking and relating that holds space for otherwise thinking and shared meaning-making. The making of this record, from its sonics … Read More

New Release: Steven Lambke – Dark Blue

February 21, 2019 | Posted in: Steven Lambke 0

The weather is changing. Rhythms and interactions that had seemed eternal degrade. The realm of the uncertain expands. Uncertainty inspires fear, fear inspires rage. Points of recognition are shifting, points of return becoming rare. The measure of human meaning and dignity has been reduced to discussions of financial gains and … Read More

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