Daniel Romano is a talented producer, multi-instrumentalist, visual artist, and graphic designer. He’s a hell of a singer, and one of the greatest songwriter’s working today. He’s a leader and a piper and a thief. He’s a young man with an old mind and some nice suits. He’s earned a platinum record for his production work with City and Colour and has been nominated for a Juno for graphic design. He is a former member of Attack in Black. He founded You’ve Changed Records in collaboration with Steven Lambke. Daniel Romano lives in Fenwick, ON.

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Ancient Shapes
A Flower That Wouldn't Bloom
October 25, 2019
$14.00 Select options
Daniel Romano
Finally Free
November 30, 2018
$10.00$14.00 Select options
Daniel Romano
Modern Pressure
May 19, 2017
$10.00$14.00 Select options
Daniel Romano
Sleep Beneath The Willow
April 5, 2011
$9.00 Select options
Daniel Romano
Workin' For the Music Man
June 1, 2010
$9.00 Select options

Blog Posts

“OKAY WOW” – Daniel Romano and The Outfit

February 26, 2020 | Posted in: Blog, Daniel Romano 0

Daniel Romano – “OKAY WOW” (YC-044) – LP/Digital/Live In a shocking turn of events, Daniel Romano has decided to give you exactly what you asked for–– He and his unparalleled live band, The Outfit, have decided that you deserved it, that it is in fact already yours––and they want to … Read More

New Release: Daniel Romano – Finally Free

September 27, 2018 | Posted in: Daniel Romano, News 0

“Finally Free is a lucid plea. It is a final apology and an attempt at the unwarranted reconciliation between us and everything in our path (including ourselves). It is an exploration of how to cope with the certain end created by our own hand. And/Or, it is the enlightenment of … Read More

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