CTV presents the latest in hard-hitting, behind-the-scenes music journalism with LIVE AT RIVER & SKY! Watch as Shotgun Jimmie, Julie Doiron, Daniel Romano’s Outfit, Status/Non-Status and Julianna Riolino descend/ascend at River & Sky Festival (in Field, ON) to new states of musical excellence, friendship, summer-fun, and practical magic: How to pitch a tent, soundcheck, those aren’t hotdogs those are sausages, just a few dabs of relish, flutes, foghorns, and snare drums. And get exclusive info on YC’s newest signing! Be the first to know. Be the last to leave. Clean up after yourself. Lend a hand.

As witnessed by Colin “The Eye” Medley in the heart of the summer.



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YCTV PRESENTS THE WORLD PREMIERE ROCK MUSIC SHORT DOCUMENTARY FILM: “THE OUTFIT: DO SXSW”. Streaming now at the end of the red-carpet link below, the film is a tell-all, show-all, well-tuned celebration of honour and friendship, tacos, gumbo, autograph signing, hotel conditioner, and not super talkative donkeys.

This is the real scene. The truth the industry scorns. The summation of goodness in music. Featuring Daniel Romano, Julianna Riolino, Julie Doiron, Carson McHone, Roddy Rossetti, Ian Romano, and Kenneth Roy Meehan. Shot and edited by Colin “THE EYE” Medley. Tune your browsers to reality.

LIVE VIDEO: Julianna Riolino at the “All Blue” album release show! Tour Announcement!

LIVE VIDEO: Julianna Riolino at the “All Blue” album release show! Tour Announcement!

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LET’S GET LIVE!!! Julianna Riolino has just announced a whole bunch of tour dates this spring and we wanted to celebrate the occasion with this ultra-special live video filmed at the All Blue album release show in Toronto (December 7, 2022), featuring a rip-roaring, set-opening, mind-expanding, call-to-arms cover of the Fairport Convention classic Come All Ye and a passionate rendition of All Blue’s Hark! This YCTV exclusive was filmed by @wolfmanhann and @colin.medley; live and recorded sound engineered by @keenthroymeehan, and features the all-star on-stage line up of Aaron Goldstein, Thomas Hammerton, Carson Mchone, Daniel Romano, Ian Romano, Roddy Rossetti.

“Making music feels so good, and I like to think of this captured energy as a marker of growth. This life is dedicated to the winding journey of art and creation, the perseverance of thought, and our duty to destiny. I can’t wait to see where I grow. “ – Julianna Riolino

Come all ye rolling minstrels and together we will ride:

March 14 – SXSW – Swan Dive
March 16 – SXSW – Waterloo Records
March 18 – SXSW – Soco Stomp

Apr 19 – Washington, DC – The Runaway ~
Apr 20 – Asheville, NC – The Grey Eagle ~
Apr 21 – Durham, NC – Motorco Music Hall ~
Apr 22 – Atlanta, GA – EARL (appearing on stage with the Sadies, not her own set) ~
Apr 24 – Houston, TX – Big Top Lounge ~
Apr 26 – Austin, TX – 3TEN @ ACL LIVE ~
May 4 – Pittsburgh, PA – Club Cafe ~
May 5 – Cleveland, OH – Beachland Ballroom ~
May 6 – Rochester, NY – Skylark Lounge ~
~ opening for The Sadies

May 18 – Sydney, NS – St Patrick’s Church Museum #
May 19 – Halifax, NS – Marquee Ballroom #
# opening for Daniel Romano’s Outfit

May 25 – Seattle, WA – Sunset Tavern ^
May 26 – Trout Lake, WA – Trout Lake Lounge ^
May 27 – Portland, OR – Mississippi Studios ^
May 30 – Sacramento, CA – Goldfield Trading Post ^
June 1 – Costa Mesa, CA – The Wayfarer ^
June 2 – Pioneertown, CA – Pappy & Harriet’s ^
June 3 – Los Angeles, CA – Zebulon ^
June 5 – San Diego, CA – Soda Bar ^
June 7 – Atascadero, CA – Bristols Cider House ^
June 8 – Santa Cruz, CA – Moe’s Alley ^
June 9 – Mariposa, CA – The Grove House ^
June 10 – San Francisco, CA – Amado’s ^
^ opening for Kassi Valazza

“All Blue” is available now from You’ve Changed Records