New Release: Daniel, Fred and Julie – “Daniel, Fred and Julie”

New Release: Daniel, Fred and Julie – “Daniel, Fred and Julie”

November 30, 2009 | Posted in: Daniel Fred and Julie, Daniel Romano 0

Daniel, Fred and Julie is a very special collaboration between three much loved musicians. Daniel Romano sings and plays guitar in Attack in Black. Calm Down It’s Monday’s Fred Squire sang and played guitar in legendary indie-rock group Shotgun and Jaybird, and is a jack-of-all-trades and master of some in the Julie Doiron band. And Julie Doiron is the legendary songwriter, singer, guitar shredder, collaborator with Mount Eerie, Gord Downie, Herman Dune, Wooden Stars, and member of Eric’s Trip, who needs no introduction. But this is a record unlike any previously heard from these fine and versatile musicians.

Dan took the train to Sackville, NB in the summer of 2009, with a couple of acoustic guitars and a couple of song books of folk songs. The tape machine was set up in Fred’s garage. A microphone was placed on the floor in front of a semi circle of folding chairs. The weather was good that week, the garage door was open, cars would pass, and kids on bicycles. Arrangements were made up quickly, harmonies worked out, lyrics written on long scraps of paper, verses picked and chosen. Dan and Fred playing guitars, all three singing together. The songs were put down quickly, with no overdubs or edits, and the record was finished in a couple of days.

A record of Folk Music, three part harmonies, guitar picking and strumming. Songs of romance, justice, murder, loafing, and complaint, horses and gambling. Old songs, in the public domain. Public songs for singing together. Daniel, Fred and Julie also features two new compositions by Dan: “Runner,” about the eternal doomed rambling of a man, sung here spookily and powerfully by Fred, and the lamenting and beautiful “Your Love.”

Daniel, Fred and Julie is available on LP and CD and for Digital download. The record in all formats is proudly Mono.