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YC2019 LP Package


You've Changed Records
2019 LP Collection
Cat#: YC-2019
Released: 2019
Format: LP
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Holy Smokes! For a limited time only, and for a deeply discounted price, get all six – 6!!!! – LP/EP released by You’ve Changed Records in this, our 10th year of existence as an artist-run label. This Happy Anniversary Super-Package includes the following works of creative independence, inspiration and commitment:

(YC-042) Ancient Shapes – A Flower That Wouldn’t Bloom – LP
(YC-041) WHOOP-Szo – Warrior Down – LP
(YC-039) Shotgun Jimmie – Transistor Sister 2 – LP
(YC-038) Partner – Saturday The 14th – 12″ EP
(YC-037) Steven Lambke – Dark Blue – LP
(YC-036) Ian Daniel Kehoe – Secret Republic – LP


“A Flower That Wouldn’t Bloom is the perfect way for [Daniel] Romano to close out an unfathomable decade of quality artistic output” – Dominionated

“At points haunting and at others mighty, the constantly poignant Warrior Down blends cultural disenchantment, grunge and psych into an eye-opening experience.”
– Exclaim

“In a perfect world, we’d all be hearing Shotgun Jimmie songs all over the place at the same time.” – Baby Sue

“Partner devote their considerable skill to shining up underappreciated sounds, departing from the stylistic uniformity of their debut to explore several distinctly lowbrow micro-genres” – Pitchfork

“Dark Blue is its own beast. For a project meant to mark a decade of label success, it’s the turn to a new chapter in Steven Lambke’s personal and professional career. It’s a little guitar rock, a touch singer-songwriter and a blend of some of the country’s most unsung performers collaborating on some truly inspired music.” – Exclaim

“Secret Republic outlines the numerous benefits of putting ourselves out there as lovers, as individuals, and as artists. Once love has disarmed us, we become more attuned to beauty, deeper truths, and the value of self-expression”. – Dominionated



You’ve Changed Records
Artist run label, established 2009