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Steven Lambke – Dark Blue [Chapbook]


Steven Lambke
Dark Blue
Cat#: YC-037
Released: March 29, 2019
Format: Chapbook
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This special limited edition chapbook collects the lyrics of Steven Lambke – Dark Blue. 20 pages. Hand bound. 8 1/2″ x 7″. Flannel Grey 98lb cover. Stygian Black 98 lb end pages. Published by Beautiful Outlaw Press.

Tell me a story,
beginning and ending.
Most of what happens,
happens again.
This time I’m listening:
leaves rustling;
feet shuffling
towards the door;
there’s dust and coughing;
“you call that singing?”
I’m always beginning

The words of the song are a record of the song as performed. They are what remains after the sound. Yet, on the page, the words act as reminder or prescription for the song to be reenacted. In this sense the song exists in potential.

With Dark Blue, Steven Lambke builds a visceral swirl of narrative images, dense with allusions and invocations, rich with imagery and scene, into a series of creation stories, a document of disruption, a lament for environmental ruin and the destructions of colonialism, and a stubborn evidence of endurance and transcendence.

What act of creation could ever be called complete? The song reacts to the world into which it is enters, and acts on that world. The outcome is unknown. The song moves through the world like a rendezvous of atoms.

Includes a digital download of the Steven Lambke – Dark Blue audio album.

  • ISBN 978-0-9921250-6-6
  • 100 copies
  • Designed and Typeset by Beautiful Outlaw Press,
  • Cabbagetown, Toronto, January 29, 2019