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Daniel Romano 3 pack


Daniel Romano
Daniel Romano 3 pack!
Cat#: YC-DR3LP
Released: February 26, 2020
Format: LP
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Catch up with Daniel Romano with this special 3 LP combo pack featuring the brand new live album “OKAY WOW” (2020), along with Modern Pressure (2017) and Finally Free (2018). Contemporary classics, all three, at a discounted price.

The catalogue is deep. The catalogue is wide. Wade in.


  1. Empty Husk
  2. Toulouse
  3. Hard On You
  4. Time Forgot (To Change My Heart)
  5. Roya
  6. The Long Mirror Of Time
  7. Hunger Is A Dream You Die In
  8. Strange Faces
  9. Turtle Doves
  10. Sucking The Old World Dry
  11. Nerveless
  12. Human Touch
  13. Modern Pressure
  14. What's To Become (Of The Meaning Of Life)
  15. When I Learned Your Name
  1. Empty Husk
  2. All The Reaching Trims
  3. The Long Mirror Of Time
  4. Celestial Manis
  5. Between The Blades Of Grass
  6. Rhythmic Blood
  7. Have You Arrival
  8. Gleaming Sects of Amiran
  9. There Is Beauty In The Vibrant Forms
  1. Ugly Human Heart Pt. 1
  2. Modern Pressure
  3. Roya
  4. The Pride Of Queens
  5. When I Learned Your Name
  6. Sucking The Old World Dry/li>
  7. Ugly Human Heart Pt. 2
  8. Impossible Green
  9. Jennifer Castle
  10. Dancing With The Lady In The Moon
  11. I Tried To Hold The World (In My Mouth)
  12. What's To Become Of The Meaning Of Love