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Pink Tiger is the 2-part, 22-song epic return by Vancouver’s beloved DIY champs Apollo Ghosts!

Part 1, “Pink” (LP 1, tracks 1-11), is an intimate home recorded acoustic based cycle that grapples with loss, illness, death, and memory. Part 2, “Tiger” (LP 2, tracks 12-22) is an exuberant indie-garage rock celebration of the persistence of friendship, music, and hope. Apollo Ghosts draw on a long history of independent and locally focused music making, from Flying Nun to K Records to their own Vancouver scene, to reinvigorate indie guitar rock songwriter with ambition and poise.

Available March 11th, 2022 exclusively via You’ve Changed Records—the album features the band’s new single, “Spilling Yr Guts”.


“About seven years ago, I stood around a makeshift fire pit in a clearing on a small gulf island with a group of my best friends. We burned a beer can and made jokes. When I started recording the first half of this record, I thought everything was falling apart. For six months, I could only hear from one ear and the doctor said it could be something quite serious. The cedars were still dying. My dad was still dying.

A year later, we recorded the second half of the record on Gabriola Island. My ear finally cleared up after the sessions were over. We listened to the final masters in the middle of the heat dome summer during the Perseid meteor shower. The heat dome eventually ended. In the fall, Amanda and I planted dozens of trees (Garry oaks, willows, alders and maples) around that fire pit. Our bass player Robbie’s having a baby this spring. Amanda’s started restoring hand-crank sewing machines. She says everything can be mended. It might be too late, but I’m going to keep planting trees every year going forward anyways.

Apollo Ghosts joked that this was a feeble attempt at making our own ‘Tusk’. Some influences this round: The Bats, Dear Nora, Little Wings, Tom T. Hall, The La’s, Beverly Glenn Copeland, disco beats, ocean swims, trees, Lucia Berlin & Lydia Davis, and as always…. the local music scene.”
— Adrian Teacher.


Apollo Ghosts are a band formed in Vancouver, B.C. Canada in 2008 (founded on the unceded traditional territories of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh). Apollo Ghosts live currently feature Amanda P. on bass, Robbie N. on bass, Adrian Teacher on guitar and Dustin B. on drums.

Pink Tiger was recorded by Jordan Koop (Orville Peck, The Courtenays) at the Noise Floor on beautiful Gabriola; a gulf island located in the unceded traditional territory of the Snunéymux First Nation. Additional production and mixing by David Carswell (Destroyer, New Pornographers) at JC/DC Studios in Vancouver.


Apollo Ghosts – Pink Tiger
2xLP/Digital – March 11, 2022
Adrian Teacher & The Subs debut ‘Terminal City’ video

Adrian Teacher & The Subs debut ‘Terminal City’ video

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Adrian Teacher & The Subs have released a new video and announced a cross-Canada tour to celebrate the release of their new Terminal City LP (YC-028).

Amanda P. from the Subs meticulously created and animated this video for the title track from the Terminal City LP. Watch as a day in the life of a rapidly gentrifying Vancouver neighbourhood is catastrophically upset by an invading horde of giant partying babies.

And catch Adrian Teacher & The Subs on tour this summer! Subs shows follow in the tradition of Adrian and Amanda’s previous efforts with Apollo Ghosts and CoolTV: radically inclusive, fun, spirited shows full of hooks and celebration. This is not to be missed!
Adrian Teacher & The Subs on tour:
June 03 – Vancouver, BC @ Toast Collective (LP Release Party)
July 12 – Lethbridge, AB @ The Slice
July 13 – Regina, SK @ The Club
July 14 – Winnipeg, MB @ Goodwill Social Club
July 15 – Thunder Bay, ON @ Apollo
July 16 – Hamilton, ON @ This Ain’t Hollywood *
July 17 – Guelph, ON @ Magic Bus (early show)
July 17 – Guelph, ON @ eBar *
July 18 – Toronto, ON @ Delaware House *
July 19 – Toronto, ON @ Monarch Tavern *
July 20 – Windsor, ON @ Phog Lounge *
July 21 – Peterborough, ON @ The Garnett ^
July 22 – Ottawa, ON @ Bar Robo *
July 23 – Montreal, QC @ Poisson Noir ^
July 24 – Quebec City, QC @ P572 *
July 26 – Moncton, NB @ Esquire Tavern *
July 27 – Saint John, NB @ Callahan’s Pub ^
July 28 – Halifax, NS @ Gus’ Pub ^

* = w. Weird Lines & Jon McKiel
^ = w. Weird Lines, Jon McKiel, Jay Arner, and Supermoon

Terminal City is available now through our Mailorder shop and through the efforts of Outside Music Distribution (Canada) and RedEye Worldwide and through all reputable digital sellers.

And for a limited time Apollo Ghosts – Landmark is on sale to celebrate the release of the new album.

New Release: Adrian Teacher & The Subs – “Terminal City”

New Release: Adrian Teacher & The Subs – “Terminal City”

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What happens when the thing you love begins disappearing in front of your eyes?

It’s a heavy question: Terminal City, the debut album by Adrian Teacher & The Subs, documents a rapidly changing Vancouver, an endangered planet, faltering relationships and personal loss. It is a return to classic form – filtering heavy subject matter through the 2 1⁄2 minute frantically upbeat power-pop song, while giving gentle musical nods to 70s UK pub rock scene (think proto-punks like Squeeze or Nick Lowe).

And it’s a return to You’ve Changed Records by the former Apollo Ghosts songwriter, and boy are we happy to have him back. With the Subs in tow, Amanda Pezzutto on drums and vocals and Robbie Nall on bass and vocals, the sound is a hearty continuation of the work of Apollo Ghosts and the short-lived but much-loved Cool TV.

Terminal City was recorded to tape at the Bottle Garden in Montreal by Peter Woodford (Freelove Fenner, Moss Lime) and at JC/DC studios in Vancouver by David Carswell (Destroyer, New Pornographers), and follows 2015’s Calvin Johnson produced Sorta Hafta EP.

Terminal City is available in a limited pressing of 300 copies. Get it now before it’s gone the way of the mom and pop shops, the local grocers, “affordable” rents, and the weather. It is available for Pre-order now from our mailorder shop.

Watch the video for “Victory Square” right here:

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Fare-thee-well, Apollo Ghosts!

Fare-thee-well, Apollo Ghosts!

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I first head Apollo Ghosts when Paul Henderson told me he couldn’t stop listening to this great band from Vancouver that he wanted to bring out to play SappyFest. Their show that beautiful summer afternoon was extraordinary. Adrian wore a cape. Amanda kept a groovy beat and a smile on her face. Jay was silent, a perfect steady bass player. The songs were fantastic, the band was engaged and deeply present in that specific and wonderful moment, and we, the unsuspecting crowd, sung along happily and with gusto, and we all left carrying a record; unless you were slow to the merch table, sucker, as the records, priced at a lowly $5 sold out instantly.

The next summer Adrian came back to New Brunswick and spent a couple of weeks in town as the Sappy Songwriter-in-Residence, writing tunes for a new record. We hung out, went swimming, had some dinners, drank some wine, went to the drive-in for Paul’s birthday, even jammed a couple times. It was great, easy, summer-living.

I don’t remember exactly when Adrian asked if I’d be interested in putting out the new Apollo Ghosts record; it might have been when he was still in town, but I don’t think so. It might have been later on during some cross Canada phone call; always a pleasure, sometimes just a rap from Adrian left on the answering machine. In any event, I loved the record the first I heard it and I love it even more now that it’s been a part of my life for a year or two, and I’m proud it came out on You’ve Changed Records.

In July 2012 I went on tour for a week with Apollo Ghosts. 6 shows in BC and Washington State. The drives were short, the weather was good, I rode with them in their Subaru and I saw them play some fantastic fun and uplifting punk-rock shows. We ate in health-food stores and drank kombucha as they joked about being west coast hippies. That’s the thing: Apollo Ghosts are good, kind, funny, open people and an absolutely fantastic rock and roll band and both of those things are good and important and inspiring and something to cherish. I want to thank them for taking me along on one of my all-time favourite tours. I want to thank them for the laughs. I want to thank them for believing that this was a good home for Landmark. And I want to thank them for the tunes: “What are your Influences?,” “Day of Glory,” “Guitar Brother,” “Money Has No Heart,” “Lightweight,” “Palm of My Hand,” “Things You Go Through,” “Coca-Cola Admen,” and so many others.

It breaks my heart to miss this last show, oh boy. Adrian, Amanda, Jay and Jarret, my friends, in my heart I’m there dancing and singing along and happy to see you play one last time.

New Release: Apollo Ghosts – “Landmark”

New Release: Apollo Ghosts – “Landmark”

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We’re very happy to announce the May 15th release of Landmark, the new LP by Vancouver BC’s Apollo Ghosts. The sing-along album of you, me, and everyone we know, 2012. Adrian made a nice video for “American Joint” in Maui.

After Hastings Sunrise and Mount Benson, Apollo Ghosts have written a third album about island paradise, doing the dishes, and love. Adrian Teacher wrote most of music for Landmark in Sackville, New Brunswick and finished the lyrics in a small cabin on Protection Island, after shopping for a weekend’s worth of groceries. Landmark is the most domestic and personal album the Ghosts have recorded. The songs are deeply informed by the concept of home, the worries of ageing and lost love, sexuality and abandoned friendships.

Apollo Ghosts recorded Landmark themselves with the help of Jay Arner (No Gold, Fine Mist) in their practice space. Jay Oliver, Jarrett K., Amanda Panda, and Adrian Teacher pressed into the shoebox room and recorded takes wedged between metal bands, bribing them with six-packs when necessary. Unsurprisingly then, their third full length album Landmark is inspired by tiny spaces and islands at night; it’s about coming home, and being away; and about being in a band on weekends with your best friends.

Apollo Ghosts have performed across Canada and the USA and have recently been called “one of the best live bands in the business” by Exclaim Magazine. Weird Canada claimed that their most recent release was “the best 7” to come out in 2011.”