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Partner present an absolutely epic video interpretation of their (post-?)classic rock epic Good Place To Hide (At The Time), featuring mimes, clowns, choreographed dance routines, huge guitar solos, and a transcendence of fear through friendship and rock.

Caution: video contains depictions of mimes, clowns, choreographed dance routines, huge guitar solos, and a transcendence of fear through friendship and rock.

The video is a collaboration between Partner and Mylou Sauvage. Never Give Up is dedicated to her memory.
Never Give Up

Partner – Never Give Up

Partner – Never Give Up

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Partner are back!  Never Give Up is 10 perfect post-classic rock power trio anthems, jammed with riffs, joy, and celebration. It’s an ode to endurance and the enduring beauty and power of rock. It’s a life-changer and a game-changer and a total banger.
“On Never Give Up, Partner are on a subversive mission: To deconstruct the classic rock songbook, scribble rainbows all over the margins, and make a s**t ton of paper aeroplanes in the process. The result is 10 perfectly crafted pop-rock gems that fly dizzyingly high. Partner have queered classic rock, and it’s positively stadium-worthy.” – Anya Pearson (DREAM NAIL), Talkhouse
“If there’s one thing Partner thrives on, it’s existing outside of the realms of those worn-out, plastic genre dividers in the record shop.” Guitar World
“…Never Give Up proves that Partner are a band with endless musical possibilities before them.” Exclaim
“It’s hard to think of a lot of other young bands playing with the same kind of history Partner do here, and as always it’s fun to have them back.” Stereogum
“Super tight, uncluttered riff rock…” NPR




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“Well if you want the story keep listening to me
I’ll tell you how this whole thing really came to be…”

Every hero’s journey starts with an origin story. Partner again team up with director Lesley Marshall for Honey, an anthemic slice of queer, basement-bred, post-classic rock and roll. We are all worthy.

“‘Honey’ is the origin story of Josée’s golden axe. In this track we recall how she first found her way to our house and joined the band. It came with a note (from Josée’s dad) ‘This guitar sounds just like honey going down.’ Get ready for some straight up rock n roll.” – Partner

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Partner – Never Give Up
November 20, 2020

Daniel Romano – How Ill Thy World Is Ordered

Daniel Romano – How Ill Thy World Is Ordered

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With your left eye closed, Daniel Romano seems a master synthesizer of sound and genre, a collage artist combining the corrupted influences of a century of so-called popular music forms, a chameleonic acrobat with a near-criminal authenticity. With the other, he’s revealed as a sincerely dedicated, passionately motivated songwriter aghast at the injustices of the world, a caring bandleader and generous collaborator, a spirited and shockingly playful artist tapped into a great, unyielding inspiration.

Let’s list the facts and see which ones hold: How Ill Thy World Is Ordered is the 9th full-length Daniel Romano album to be released in 2020, but the first to manifest in the physical mediums (LP/CD) since the career spanning, era-defining live album “Okay Wow” was released way back on March 27th. This one too, features the mighty skills of The Outfit, the tightest of tight-knit rock and roll bands: Julianna Riolino (vocals), David Nardi (guitar, vocals), Roddy Rossetti (bass), Ian Romano (drums), supplemented here by Mark Lalama (organ, piano), Briana Salmena (vocals), Victor Belcastro (sax) and Aaron Hutchinson (trumpet). The band assembled in studio in a perfectly tuned geometry to record these new songs following simple guidelines and simple rules: play the whole thing, in sequence, 3 takes or bust, with no overdubs; play “the sound of the feel of a snake bite”; play “a heist on horseback for fool’s gold”.

What unexpected anthems emerge! ‘A Rat Without A Tale’, ‘Green Eye Shade’, ‘First Yoke’, ‘A Secret Still To Be Betrayed’, ‘No More Disheartened By The Dawn’ shock with the full impact of their melodies, the harmonious combination of distinct human voices, the chromed accents of a perfectly arranged horn section, and more guitar playing, real, honest-to-the-core lead guitar playing than Daniel has previously committed to tape. The two-part ‘Joys Too Often Hollow’ and the beautiful closer ‘Amaretto and Coke’ show the band as adept at the swing and sway of softer sentiments, and as quickly tender as brave.

The always-darkened clubs and the strange and dirtied hovels that offered remote shelter to this particular breed of restless musicians on their long and winding journeys across the continents have darkened more. It’s a different age to ply a trade. Every day reveals new cracks in the artifice, new crimes from the oligarchs and politicians, new types of genocide and dispossession. New visions of contempt. O, how ill this world is ordered.

Yet music can lift the spirit, can, uniquely, restore dignity. To sound together, bringing hope:

No more disheartened by the dawn,
No more a sorrow will I see,
No more shall time go trembling on,
No more will I sing misery,
No more the future will I fear,
No more an ending coming near,
No more the shades forever drawn,
No more disheartened by the dawn.


Daniel Romano’s Outfit are dedicated to the heroic effort to bring truth and beauty to this world. Please lend thine ears!

How Ill Thy World Is Ordered is available now in the following formats:

LP: High quality stereo LP pressing in a beautiful Tip-on jacket
CD: How Ill on a bright and shiny disc. Play it in your old car forever
Digital: 1s and 0s in a very particular, encoded sequence. Ordered for your pleasure.


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