New Release: Adrian Teacher & The Subs – “Terminal City”

New Release: Adrian Teacher & The Subs – “Terminal City”

May 3, 2016 | Posted in: Adrian Teacher & The Subs, Apollo Ghosts 0

What happens when the thing you love begins disappearing in front of your eyes?

It’s a heavy question: Terminal City, the debut album by Adrian Teacher & The Subs, documents a rapidly changing Vancouver, an endangered planet, faltering relationships and personal loss. It is a return to classic form – filtering heavy subject matter through the 2 1⁄2 minute frantically upbeat power-pop song, while giving gentle musical nods to 70s UK pub rock scene (think proto-punks like Squeeze or Nick Lowe).

And it’s a return to You’ve Changed Records by the former Apollo Ghosts songwriter, and boy are we happy to have him back. With the Subs in tow, Amanda Pezzutto on drums and vocals and Robbie Nall on bass and vocals, the sound is a hearty continuation of the work of Apollo Ghosts and the short-lived but much-loved Cool TV.

Terminal City was recorded to tape at the Bottle Garden in Montreal by Peter Woodford (Freelove Fenner, Moss Lime) and at JC/DC studios in Vancouver by David Carswell (Destroyer, New Pornographers), and follows 2015’s Calvin Johnson produced Sorta Hafta EP.

Terminal City is available in a limited pressing of 300 copies. Get it now before it’s gone the way of the mom and pop shops, the local grocers, “affordable” rents, and the weather. It is available for Pre-order now from our mailorder shop.

Watch the video for “Victory Square” right here:

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