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YC2017 LP Package


You've Changed Records
2017 LP Collection
Cat#: YC-2017
Released: 2017
Format: LP
Clear selection

Holy Smokes! For a limited time only, and for a deeply discounted price, get all four 2017 LP releases from You’ve Changed Records:

(YC-029) Richard Laviolette – Taking The Long Way Home
(YC-030) Jon Mckiel – Memorial Ten Count
(YC-031) Daniel Romano – Modern Pressure
(YC-032) Partner – In Search Of Lost Time



Partner – In Search Of Lost Time: “…the kind of righteous riffage that can turn anything from wandering around a grocery store high to discovering your roommate’s sex toy into a slyly subversive guitar-rock anthem.”  – Stereogum

“[Modern Pressure] is the work of a pop craftsman who’s confident about sharing finished pieces that sound like works in progress, or rather, as fragments that become complete and whole only when someone else, you or I, listen to them.” – NPR’s Fresh Air

“‘Memorial Ten Count’ skillfully mixes grand ideas with raw sound, using fuzzy audio, echoed acoustics and thought-provoking lyricism” – The East Mag

“Richard Laviolette should be celebrated, quoted, and covered around campfires by anyone who appreciates the sincere craft of this kind of work. His songs are personal and political, poetic and literal, uplifting and challenging, and all-together free of bullshit.” – Bry Webb, The Constantines