If Steven Lambke were a bird he’d be a Zeppelin,
If Steven Lambke saw you wave he’d say “hello”,
If Steven Lambke was a silence he’d be kept in,
If he wanted you to “swing” he’d tell you so,
If Steven Lambke were a song he’d be a shepherd,
If Steven Lambke were a word he’d be a bone,
If Steven Lambke was a light he’d call it Shary,
If Steven Lambke were an ocean made of stone,
If Steven Lambke found a fiddle in a jail cell,
He’d play the bars like an American drum,
If he stood beside a dog he’d call it weather,
If he thought for him to speak then it would come,
If a hundred days should pass within his lifetime,
He might sketch a hundred dusk for you to see,
If a hundred days should pass yet somehow different,
He might bloom a purple flower for a bee,
If a road should go from one place to another,
And a vine should almost surely do the same,
He might look out at the crow among the milk wheat,
He might carry many boxes to the train,
If Steven Lambke were a coat he’d be the first one,
If Steven Lambke were an end he’d be a stop,
If Steven Lambke held his chin down to the bottom
The yellow hairs up on his head would be the top.
– Daniel Romano

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Steven Lambke
Days Of Heaven
October 30, 2015
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Baby Eagle and the Proud Mothers
Bone Soldiers
March 6, 2012
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Baby Eagle
Dog Weather
August 17, 2010
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Attack in Black and Baby Eagle
May 5, 2009
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YCTV: Live from the You’ve Changed BBQ in Ottawa

YCTV: Live from the You’ve Changed BBQ in Ottawa

September 2, 2016 | Posted in: Nap Eyes, Partner, Shotgun Jimmie, Steven Lambke, YCTV 0
Featuring Nap Eyes, Partner, Shotgun Jimmie and Steven Lambke.

Always ready for a good time and prepared to spread heavy vibes in our wake, You’ve Changed Records traveled to Ottawa, ON on August 17th for the Arboretum Music Festival. Deep in the Hintonburg neighbourhood, Shotgun Jimmie, Partner and Nap Eyes convened at The House Of Common in a spirit of comradery, hilarity, hi-jinks, and a spreading of knowledge. YCTV has the exclusive behind the scenes look: musical excerpts, interviews, insights, and tour stories.

New Release: Steven Lambke – “Days Of Heaven”

New Release: Steven Lambke – “Days Of Heaven”

October 1, 2015 | Posted in: Steven Lambke 0
If Steven Lambke were a bird he'd be a Zeppelin – Daniel Romano

Memory is the daughter of heaven and earth, and the muse is a daughter of memory and everything. It is traditional for an artist to call on the muse at the beginning of an endeavour. This suggests that the great works of art begin, not in the presence of the muse, but in her absence. – Amanda Jernigan

If Steven Lambke were a bird he’d be a Zeppelin – Daniel Romano

So let us invoke the muses, and let us fly like a zeppelin. This is my new record, Days of Heaven; dear muses, let me speak true of it. It’s a tender, intimate thing, though in it’s tenderness and in it’s intimacy it required attention and courage. The songs were written over some years in the crumbling capitals of an old world: Venice, Detroit, Sackville, Toronto. Tamara Lindeman (The Weather Station) and Ian Kehoe (Marine Dreams) helped me develop them, adding layers, adding voices, being audience and sounding board, adding as I was paring them down to the essentials: a flower, a stone, a swallow. I was a man softly saying ‘love’ into the dread silence of a full moon. We recorded with my frequent collaborator Jeff McMurrich (Constantines, Jennifer Castle, John K Samson) and then we recorded more at home. Mika Posen played violin and Ross Miller played bass. Darcy Hancock (Ladyhawk), my friend, played guitar on “Dead Stones,” “You Know Me Well,” and “Moonshine Brother.” Richard Laviolette lent his brave voice to “Moonshine Brother;” it makes the song; may we all choose our families well. Shary Boyle, with unmeasurable generosity of spirit lent her beautiful sculpture La Lune to the album as grace and muse.

My love, be brave. Strong enough to love. Strong enough to be loved. To listen close to love and hear love.

Days Of Heaven, the first song on the album, was written on New Years Day in Sackville, NB. I was alone and the wind was strong. Tamara played the bowed guitars. If you listen closely at the end you can hear the drum machine bleeding through.

Thank you for listening. I hope you like it.

Days Of Heaven is available October 30, 2015 on LP/CD/Digital formats.

YCR 5th Anniversary Concerts

Celebrating five years of music, friendship, and joyful persistence.

In 2014, You’ve Changed Records is celebrating five years of music, friendship, and joyful persistence with a couple of very special anniversary concerts:

Thursday, May 22 – Toronto, ON – The Horseshoe Tavern
Tickets available at Rotate This, Soundscapes, and through Ticketfly

Friday, May 23 – Ottawa, ON – St. Alban’s Church
Presented by Arboreteum Festival.
Tickets available at Antique Skate Shop, Vertigo Records, and Compact Music

The shows will feature performances from The Weather Station, Shotgun Jimmie, Baby Eagle, Richard Laviolette, and Marine Dreams; special guests may be present and presented too. It is, after all, a birthday party. And we hope you can make it!

In the meantime our Anniversary Sale continues in the Shop with all records priced at $10!

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