Shotgun Jimmie is a natural born entertainer, and one of the hardest working men in indie-rock. Classic good time rock and roll for singing along. Apparently, he’s a bit of nice guy too.

“Shotgun Jimmie plays songs about holding hands, running in packs, beers in pockets. He has an acoustic on his lap and a kick-drum at his feet. It is potato-chip-crisp guitar pop, and it is utterly outstanding. “They say that you are what you eat,” he sings, “and I feel like I musta ate a king.” Shotgun Jimmie, what about us? How do we feel? Here’s how: We feel like each of us just got high-fived so hard that our finger-bones shattered. We’re all nursing our poor hands, & grinning.” -Sean Michaels, Said the Gramophone


Sebastian Hoffman
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Blog Posts

YCTV: Live from the You’ve Changed 8th Anniversary

YCTV: Live from the You’ve Changed 8th Anniversary

Will Jimmie get a scoop? Watch and find out!

YCTV senior correspondent Shotgun Jimmie is back with his coverage of the You’ve Changed 8th Anniversary concert, which took place at Longboat Hall in Toronto, ON, April 22, 2017. Featuring exclusive interviews and performances from Richard Laviolette, Daniel Romano, Partner, and the man himself, Shotgun Jimmie.


You’ve Changed 8th Anniversary Concert

You’ve Changed 8th Anniversary Concert

Join us on April 22, 2017 in Toronto!

We are pleased to announce a concert celebrating You’ve Changed Records’ 8th anniversary, as part of Canadian Music Week on Saturday, April 22, 2017. Taking place inside the recently refurbished Longboat Hall, inside the historic Great Hall in Toronto, this special event will feature performances from Daniel Romano, Partner, Shotgun Jimmie, Richard Laviolette, and dear friend of the label Misha Bower.

Tickets are available at Soundscapes and Rotate This, or online right here.

Be sure to ‘attend’ the event on Facebook to catch all the news in the lead-up to what is sure to be a great night!

YCTV: Live from the You’ve Changed BBQ in Ottawa

YCTV: Live from the You’ve Changed BBQ in Ottawa

September 2, 2016 | Posted in: Nap Eyes, Partner, Shotgun Jimmie, Steven Lambke, YCTV 0
Featuring Nap Eyes, Partner, Shotgun Jimmie and Steven Lambke.

Always ready for a good time and prepared to spread heavy vibes in our wake, You’ve Changed Records traveled to Ottawa, ON on August 17th for the Arboretum Music Festival. Deep in the Hintonburg neighbourhood, Shotgun Jimmie, Partner and Nap Eyes convened at The House Of Common in a spirit of comradery, hilarity, hi-jinks, and a spreading of knowledge. YCTV has the exclusive behind the scenes look: musical excerpts, interviews, insights, and tour stories.

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